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Did you know that in an average day of walking, your feet experience 100s of tons of force. That means that you feet are exposed to forces equivalent of a fully-loaded truck of cement. Also, due to various factors, women are 4 times more likely to experience feet problems as compared to men. 

When you spend hours on your feet, you’ll come home to find that you have a hard time walking and that all your want to do is sit down.

The pressure that you put on your feet can lead to poor circulation and cause some medical problems too [1]. This can occur because you spend a lot of time walking for fun or walking and standing on the job.

With foot massagers, you can pamper your tootsies and reduce that pressure and strain. A foot massager is a great way to take care of your feet and yourself. Our favorite thing about these is that you don’t need to make time in your busy days to do this. You can pop your feet into it at the end of the night while you are watching your favorite show  or reading a book or even just relaxing. This is guaranteed to leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed for the next day.

Now let’s jump into what to look for while in a good foot massager.  There are hundreds of massagers on the market and it is important to understand the importance of shiatsu massage  to your needs before purchasing one. Our team at Emerging Pictures have spent a lot of hours researching the best machines for you. Needless to say, we have not felt so relaxed in a long time! Perks of the job eh?

We have compiled a list of the 12 best foot massagers on the market and the benefits of foot massagers for specific needs. Please read on to find out which one works best for you.

Best Overall Pick

Miko Shiatsu Home Machine

  • Relieve tired feet and improve blood flow
  • Shiatsu massage therapy with heat and air pressure
  • Ultra-sleek, light, sanitary and portable design
  • Leisure when you need it
  • 1 – year warranty
Miko Shiatsu Home Machine

3 Best Foot Massagers That We Love & Recommend




Miko Shiatsu Home Machine

Miko Shiatsu Home Machine

  • Innovative portable design
  • Leisure when you need it
  • It has 5 different pressure settings
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Belmint Shiatsu

Belmint Shiatsu

  • Built-in Infrared switchable heat for comfortable warmth
  • Easy and convenient controls
  • Delivers powerful relief
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Best Choice Shiatsu Machine

Best Choice Shiatsu Machine

  • Pre-programmed settings and a manual option
  • Almost immediate tension relief
  • Wireless remote operation
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12 Foot Massager Reviews For Diabetics & Plantar Fasciitis

1. Miko Shiatsu Home Machine

Miko Shiatsu Home Machine

One of the best foot massage machine is the Miko Shiatsu. It comes with a shiatsu setting that uses both air pressure and heat to help you feel like you just had the best massage of your life. No bath, manual or electric can hold a candle to the Miko Shiatsu Home Machine, which features two chambers that you can use to massage both feet at the same time or just one feet. Each chamber has a breathable mesh cover that helps your feet feel more comfortable and allows more of the heat and air pressure to reach your skin.

It uses kneading, rolling, vibrating and heat to mimic the exact feel of a shiatsu massage.

Its convenient size and lighter weight makes it perfect for storing around your house because you can slide it under a table, chair or bed to keep it nearby.

The power button in the center turns it on and off, and you can reach that button and all other buttons with your feet to turn on and adjust the heat, kneading and pressure.

2. Belmint Shiatsu


Thanks to the removable cover found on the Belmint Shiatsu, you’ll never again worry about getting your feet dirty or your personal hygiene because you can remove that cover, wash and dry it and then pop it back in place.

It also features multiple settings that you can access via buttons on the front to increase or decrease the amount of pressure used and to turn on a kneading mode. With its heat mode, you can use heat therapy after an injury.

Two individual beds target both of your feet at the same time, and both beds will use the settings you selected to reduce some of the pressure you feel.

The location of the controls makes it easy to choose the options you want and to make adjustments with one of your feet or toes instead of your hands. Belmint added 42 nodes to deep knead your feet too.

3. Zeny Electric Machine


With a design that almost looks like an egg, this Zeny Electric Machine features two chambers that let you sink your feet down and inside the machine to enjoy more of the massaging power that it produces.

A fabric lining inside each one keeps your feet at a safe distance from the heating element and from all other working parts. An LCD screen on the front displays a time setting to help you keep track of how long you use it.

Five buttons marching down the front let you turn settings on and off, including a heat setting and a strength setting, and it comes with two different strength levels and three different modes that help you customize your experience.

Zeny guarantees that using the heat setting with one of the various mode choices can help improve circulation, boost your metabolism, reduce some of your stress and help you feel more relaxed.

4. Best Choice Shiatsu Machine

best choice shiatsu

This Shiatsu Machine from Best Choice Products comes in a deep burgundy finish and has controls right in the center that you can easily reach to change the settings.

As it comes with a remote control, you can also make those changes while leaning back and relaxing on your couch without touching the machine. Those settings include three massage modes that you can customize and four automatic programs designed by the manufacturer.

Each side of the masseur machine has a different spot for placing your feet, and rollers inside will carefully move across the bottoms and sides of your feet to help you relax. It uses an ergonomic design that more closely mimics the shape of the human feet to ensure that it hits all your pressure points.

As it works like a shiatsu machine, this will use different movements and actions like pulses and kneads to ease tension.

5. Beurer W/ Built -In Heat Function

Beurer with Built in Heat

Enjoy heat therapy and a shiatsu massage in one package with this Machine with Built -In Heat Function from Beurer.

Small feet on the bottom lift the height of the masseur machine to keep your body at the right distance from the floor for added comfort, and you can adjust those feet based on where you use it.

A breathable material made from mesh on the surface lets you enjoy all the heat without keeping your feet directly on the hot surface.

The 18 massaging heads inside rotate and spin to target all areas of your feet, and you can choose between two speed settings based on the strength that you want. When you use the heat mode, the heat will penetrate deep inside your muscles to reduce more stress and tension.

It also features a basic on/off button on the front that you can click with a hand or feet.

6. HoMedics FB- 600 Salon Pro

The next time you want to give yourself a pedicure at home and skip an expensive trip to the salon, you’ll love having this HoMedics FB- 600 Salon Pro Pedicure Spa with Heat by your side.

As one of the top foot spas, it comes with a massing vibration feature that eases tension in sore and tired feet, but it also uses bubbles to make you feel like you’re in an upscale spa. This spa even has four attachments inside its pedicure center to help you remove calluses and slough off dead skin.

With its heat boost setting, you can use cold water and feel as the spa increases the temperature of that water up to 98 degrees Fahrenheit in minutes, and it will then maintain that temperature until you turn off the spa. It is sure to relax you like you just got out of a luxurious spa and that is why we think this is on the best water foot massagers.

It also comes with rollers that specifically target the pressure points in each feet.

7. Resteck Neck And Back Massager

resteck neck massager

If you want a massager that you can use on your feet and on other parts of your body, you want one like this Resteck Neck and Back Massager.

Unlike others that you place on the ground and set your feet on top of, this machine looks more like an oversize scarf that you can wrap around your legs, feet, shoulders and any other part of your body.

It can help you reach sore areas of your body that other machines cannot reach and lets you avoid expensive trips to the massage parlor or spa.

8 massaging nodes across the back knead and rotate to target your muscles in the same way a shiatsu machine would, and it releases the perfect amount of heat to ensure that the massage reaches deep into your muscles.

4 Convenient buttons let you turn it on and off, adjust the heat and switch between modes.

We’ve got more in store for you, check out our neck and shoulder massager reviews for more options.

8. Homedics FMS-270H Deep Kneading

Why pay for an expensive shiatsu massage at a massage parlor or spa, when you can get all the benefits of one of those massages at home with the Homedics FMS-270H Deep Kneading Shiatsu Machine?

Designed to recreate the deep tissue massages given by professionals, it features two dedicated feet beds on top.

The 18 massaging nodes used in those feet beds use a high level of pressure to reduce tension in your feet.

Homedics added a power button that you can press with one feet or toe to turn the machine on without bending over as you sit on the couch or in a chair.

The heat that it produces soothes your feet and helps pull more tension away from your lower body, and this massager automatically uses heat when you turn it on. It also comes with three rotating heads that work together on each bed.

9. Conair Waterfall Spa

Conair Waterfall Spa

After a long day at work, or a day of playing with your kids, you’ll love having the chance to use this Conair Waterfall Spa with Lights and Bubbles at home.

Buttons at the top, which you can reach with your feet, let you turn on just the bubbles, the waterfall and bubbles features or the lights and bubbles. Though it doesn’t use a heating element, Conair does guarantee that it will retain the heat of the water that you use for up to 20 full minutes.

The waterfall feature pushes that water over the top of your feet and toes to mimic the feel of standing in a real waterfall, and the blue LED lights recreate the soothing feel of sitting in a real spa.

Three built-in attachments further recreate that feel and allow you to scrub or massage your feet and remove dead skin or dry spots.

10. Moji PRO Machine

Moji Pro Machine

Designed for use on just one foot at a time, this Moji PRO Machine is great for targeting sore muscles or for reducing pressure in just one feet.

Its compact and portable design is also perfect for using on other parts of your body like a stiff neck or a sore back. Spheres across the front made from stainless steel rotate and spin to give you all the massaging power that you want in a more convenient design.

As a manual massager, the PRO does not require the use of batteries or an outlet, making it a good massager to take with you while camping or on vacation.

The way you move your feet across those spheres and the speed at which you move determine the power you get. This massager is easy to clean and has a slip-resistant base that is safe to use on all surfaces.

11. Conair Spa With Vibration 

Conair Foot and Pedicure Spa

Whether you want to relax after a hard day, or you want to treat yourself to a pedicure at home, the Conair Spa with Vibration can help.

This spa has a longer shape that measures 17-inches long to accommodate most feet, and it has a splash guard on the front that keeps the water from splashing over the sides and spilling on the floor as you move your feet.

Textured areas on the splash guard let you rub your feet across the top to enjoy some massaging action.

Nonslip feet on the base of the spa keep it from moving once you set it on the floor and makes it work well on hardwood, carpeted and even tile floors.

It comes with a foot vibrator control that you can turn on with one toe, and it will retain the exact temperature of the water that you use.

12. TheraFlow Dual Roller

When you spend a lot of time outside of your home and in areas without power, you need a manual massager like the TheraFlow Dual Massager Roller, which you can even tuck in your bag for taking with you to work.

Made from wood, it has an arched design that mimics the natural arch of your feet. It features five rollers on each side for massaging one or both feet at the same time.

Four of those rollers have smaller ridges that specifically target pressure points and trigger points to reduce tension and increase circulation. The other two rollers have 24 larger nubs that act like a reflexology feature to target the pressure points in your heels.

Though it doesn’t come with a lot of special features like heat or lights, it does let you massage your feet when you don’t have access to power, and it comes with a lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer.


No matter what type of machine relaxation for feet you think is best for your needs, we recommend that you check out the Miko Shiatsu Home Machine first and then compare it to any other models that interest you. This machine comes with two chambers for your feet that have a breathable mesh cover on top. That mesh cover allows more of the heat and air pressure produced to reach your feet as well as your ankles and lower legs.

Designed to help you relax and improve your blood flow and circulation, this massager has a power button that you can touch with your toes and a digital display that shows you the level you selected. That display can help you know which levels to select in the future too. Other buttons let you access the heat or kneading modes and adjust the amount of pressure used.

Best Overall Pick

Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager

Miko Shiatsu Home Machine

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