Best Shiatsu Massage Chair Reviews

Massage is an incredible therapeutic and relaxing experience, but going to a masseuse is time consuming and expensive. With one of these great devices you can get all of the enjoyment in the comfort of your own home.

In A Rush? Get This One!

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If you take relaxation seriously and are looking for something that will significant results, the RELAXONCHAIR [MK-II PLUS] Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair with Built-In Heat and Air Massage System – Chocolate can provide the power and customized experience that you need to feel your best every day.

How to Choose The Right

Do you need serious relief but are sick of trips to the masseuse? If you want the best experience you can get, you will need to consider the money and time you could save by no longer needing to leave your home for deep relaxation, and choose the best chair that you can afford.


If you are trying to relieve the occasional back pain or just pamper yourself a bit, one of the lower priced models may be plenty for you. If you are thinking about a new recliner, get one of these therapeutic tools for the same price.


For those who don’t have much cash or space to spare, choose a shiatsu pad that can deliver great performance on the go.


You aren’t making any compromises. You want something that will offer life-changing relaxation for years to come. This product made with exceptional commitment to quality isn’t cheap, but it offers the same features as chairs that cost twice as much

Innovative rollers conform to your spine, gliding all the way down your upper back to under your seat and to the gluteus muscles. This is a full body experience that will hug your muscles from top to bottom.

There is an L-Track innovation for those who need extra support in the lower back or who have tight glute muscles.

Deep tissue nodes mimics the feel of human fingers, to offer a deep experience throughout the body, as well as providing stretching that enables spinal decompression.

Four fully automatic programs offer options while still mimicking the feel of a human therapist. Choose between five manual programs including kneading, tapping, and more.

2. Full Body Zero Gravity

This is a streamlined, feature-filled addition to your life that will provide hours of relaxation and pleasure. Designed after the shape of a leaf’s curve, this is an ergonomic seat that naturally feels comfortable, even before you turn it on.

Have people of different heights in your family who all want to use this great purchase? You can extend the leg rest using a convenient spring, so that it will be perfectly suited no matter your height.

There are three levels of air pressure intensity, so you can choose the pressure level that works for you. Airbag pressure in the back, arms, feet, and calves work to provide a full body experience.

Rollers for the feet offer increased pressure and a distinct soothing feeling to your tired feet.

The back heats up for added comfort and muscle soothing. You can enjoy bluetooth music right from the speakers that are built in, elevating your experience.

3. Electric Full Body

This great purchase offers unique features for a great price. Unlike other chairs that work the same for everybody, this one uses an 11 signal test and holt sensor to determine your height and weight.

Adjust the leg rest height effortlessly with remote control, to complete the customization.

Everyone is different, so why should the experience be the same? This is an opportunity to receive customized care, automatically, at home.

Back rollers move up and down your muscles, while air pressure works on the middle of the seat. The rollers reach high into the neck and all the way down to your tailbone.

Air massage using 20 air bags in the lower body of the chair relieve fatigue and provide comfort to the legs, thighs, and feet. Your circulation will be improved, even in your extremities.

High powered vibration and air pressure sooths your buttocks, while double layered airbags do a great job on your thighs. Heat in the feet as well as the back provides even more comfort, and is not typical.

4. 2018 Full Body + 3yr Warranty Electric Zero Gravity

Do you want all the comfort for only about $700? This is an ergonomic design that offers great value. The quality upholstery is soft and comfortable, whether the device is turned on or not.

Zero gravity puts your body into the most physically and mentally relaxing state possible, and relieves pressure in your spine.

Eight points on the backrest work to stretch and rub each inch of your back. The seat is equipped with vibration, squeeze, and heat, so you can get just the feeling you want.

Fifty airbags in the shoulders, seat, legs, and arms provide gentle, but effective muscle relaxation. A roller for the feet offers the kind of power you need to really relieve those sore, tired puppies.

Four auto programs let you choose the ideal experience for you, each time you sit down. It is easy to control these functions with the advanced VFD display screen.

A built in music player lets you enjoy your tunes while you chill out.

5. Mr Direct Electric Full Body

Here is another affordable way to get meaningful relief from your aches and pains. This is a stylish and attractive piece that will look great in your space and provide way more comfort than a recliner.

35 airbags work on your arms and shoulders and under your seat and leg, to provide gentle but thorough stimulation.

There are eight points in the backrest to offer complete comfort across your entire back. This is the most frequent sore spot for most people, so effective back coverage is very important.

You can choose between three auto programs to achieve the customized results you want. Each of these programs offers a different method.

You may find you overwhelmingly prefer one method over the others and use it all the time, or you may use different methods for different results, depending on how sore you are and why.

Zero gravity design puts you into the ideal position for relaxation, as well as relieving pressure on your spine.

6. Electric Power Body Sofa Recliner

Get great relaxation for an incredible price under $400. This price tag puts this product in the same price class as a regular recliner.

You can adjust the angle at which you rest in a similar way as you would with a recliner, with a handle on the right side. You can choose between an upright 90 degree angle or a laid back 170 degrees.

Six rollers work on your neck and shoulders to imitate a relaxing, kneading sensation. Twelve rollers on the back and waist go even further to extend your deep comfort.

The legs and seat are equipped with vibration so you can shake away your stress. The legrest can be adjusted so that this will be comfortable for someone of any height.

A remote control makes it easy to control the massage functions.

There is a high quality, attractive look to this piece that will fit smoothly into any room. PU leather looks great and is easy to clean. The foam used in this piece is fire retardant, so you can feel safe having it in your home.

7. Zyllion Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager Cushion

Maybe you want the spa treatment at home, but don’t want to pay for a full size piece and don’t have room for it anyways. This incredible portable device can give you a spa experience anywhere.

Use this great innovative device on your bed, desk chair, couch, recliner, or wherever else you might want to sit. Take it with you in the car to turn your daily commute into the most relaxing part of your day.


Nodes for the neck area are fully customizable. You can change the rotational direction and move the nodes up and down, to target just the spot you want.

A heating function does more to soothe tired muscles and relieve pain and achiness. It will also improve your blood circulation, for better overall health.

Four deep kneading massage nodes in the back work all the knots out of your back. Choose what part of your back you want to target, or use the spot feature to focus on an exact area.

8. Sable Massage Cushion with Heat

Treat yourself to deep relaxation for only about 100 bucks. No room for another piece of furniture in your living room? No worries. This great device can take care of your relaxation needs at home or on the go.

Receive targeted stimulation that feels like the fingers of a real masseuse. Independent controls let you choose where you need help most.

Vertically adjust the neck node to your ideal height using the convenient remote control. Four deeply penetrating back nodes can target the full back, lower back, or upper back, or choose specific spots to work on.

Choose between three kinds of vibration intensity so that you will receive just the right amount of pressure on your sore buttocks.

This pad is made of a durable back mesh that is breathable so you won’t feel hot sitting here. The seat is attractive and reliable PU leather.

9. Snailax Seat Cushion

This pad can’t be used in the car, since it is electrically powered, but it is perfect for anywhere in your home or office, couch, dining chair, bed, office chair, or recliner.

Four rolling heads travel up and down your back and neck, relaxing as they go. They tilt left and right to cover even more area and provide a more varied experience.

You can choose between zones for your back, neck, or neck and back, or use the spot function to target a specific area.

This pad is flexible, so it will fit the contours and curves of your body. Four flexible rollers work along the contours for a human like experience.

The back is also equipped with optional heat so that you can go further to soothe tired, achy muscles, as well as increasing circulation.

An intensity control flap can be put up when you want full intensity or down to blanket the intensity, providing a gentler experience.

Final Verdict:


The RELAXONCHAIR [MK-II PLUS] Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair with Built-In Heat and Air Massage System – Chocolate is an awesome device for the price. If you need serious relief, this is the choice for you. A computerized body scan gives you a customized experience as you enjoy your choice of four auto programs or five manual ones.


Relax in zero gravity position as your spine is decompressed and your body gently rubbed into comfort. This is a human-like experience that is deep and powerful while still being gentle.


Four fully-automatic programs mimic a full routine by a professional therapist. Five manual-targeted techniques give you complete customization over your experience.


Intensely comfortable air cells pin you in the chair as it moves you in a way calculated to stretch your back and leg muscles.


It is simple to program and control this product with the one hand remote controller. This remote gives you all the options at the push of a button, and is intuitive to use.


All of these awesome features provide the same sort of experience you would enjoy from a product costing twice as much.

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