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As a masseuse or a massage therapist, your clients put their comfort, health and well-being in your hands every day.

They come to you because they need help coping with stress, recovering from injuries and to just relax. With the best product for relaxation, you can make those clients feel better than ever.

Our top choice for massage table is the EarthLite Everest Electric Lift, which is a stationary model best suited for those who work out of the same spot every day.

It features an electric lift system that lets you adjust the height and a comfortable pad on top.

Our list includes portable massage tables for those who work in their clients’ homes too. We have reviewed some of the best massage table brands on the market as detailed below.

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Best Overall Pick

Master 31″ Montclair Stationary-Spa Salon​

  • 31″ width x 88″ length x 25” to 35″ adjustable height;
  • 2,500lbs. support strength triple thick plywood
  • Accessories included: Master Innovated Ergonomic Dream
Master Massage 31 Montclair

Our Favorite Picks for Portable Massage Tables

12 Best Massage Tables Summary




Master Massage 31 Montclair

Master Massage 31″ Montclair

  • Adjustable face cradle with memory foam
  • Equipped with patent Therma-top
  • Contoured arm rest shelf
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EarthLite Avalon XD Tilt

EarthLite Avalon XD Tilt

  • Made from superior materials
  • 23-position tilt back feature
  • Can hold up to 750 pounds
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MT Harvey Treatment Stationary

MT Harvey Treatment Stationary

  • Made with high-quality durable materials
  • Oil and water resistant
  • Multi-modality table
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How To Choose A Massage Table?

Frame Material

Most of the lightweight massage tables available have a wood frame that provides support and stability while keeping the weight of the table down. You’ll also find tables that have a frame made from aluminum that is just as sturdy and may further reduce the weight of the table. Those that come with a steel frame are often heavier but can more adequately support the weight of a heavier client.

Foam Thickness

The thickness of the foam padding on the top of the table can either help your clients relax or make them feel uncomfortable during a massage. Make sure that the table has at least two-inches of foam padding on the very top. As the foam can break down or compress over time, you may want one with up to three-inches or more of padding.

Table Width

As you work on a client, you may need to lean over frequently to reach both sides of their bodies. If the table is too wide, you may have a hard time leaning over and instead find that you need to move all the way around the table. A width of around 30-inches is generally best for most users.


If you work out of the comfort of your own home or another dedicated work space like a studio or salon, weight won’t matter much to you, but if you travel to your clients’ homes, you need to look for a table that weighs less. Most portable tables weigh in the 25 to 35 pound range. Make sure that you can easily move and carry the table that you choose.

Table Length

Massage tables usually have a length of around 72 inches. Most come with a headrest that you can attach and detach when working with clients that adds up to 12 extra inches to the length. Depending on the height of your clients, you may want to look for a longer table.

Foam Quality

The quality of the foam used on the table can change the way your clients feel after a massage. Memory foam [1] is a good option because it molds to the shape of their bodies and then returns to its natural shape after the massage. If the foam is too hard, it can keep clients from relaxing during a massage.


Many massage tables come with an optional headrest that attaches to one end and lets clients lie down comfortably. Other tables come with a built-in headrest that looks like a cut-out on the end of the table. You should think about which type of headrest will appeal more to your clients.


Always look at the type of covering on the table too. You can opt for PVC, leather or polyurethane. The fabric that comes on the table should be durable and easy to clean.

Carrying Case

Stick with massage tables that come with some type of carrying case that helps you carry the table with you. Some tables actually have a folding design with attached handles that turn the table into its own case.

12 Best Massage Tables Reviews

1. Master Massage 31″ Montclair

Master Massage 31 Montclair

Master 31″ Montclair Stationary-Spa salon, which weighs 84 pounds and comes with a heavy-duty wood frame.

That frame has knobs on each leg that allow you to more easily adjust the height, though you’ll want to make those adjustments before your client takes a seat. A storage shelf in the center runs the length  and gives you room for any oils or equipment you might need during a therapy. [2]

A 3.5-inch thick section of padding on the top includes a thick layer of memory foam that molds to the shape of anyone on the unit but then bounces back within a few minutes to its original shape and size.

Master added a plywood deck and other reinforcements to make this unit support a working weight of 1,000 pounds.

2. EarthLite Avalon XD Tilt

EarthLite Avalon XD Tilt

You’ll get a padded headrest that you can attach to either end, and this headrest pops off when you fold down the unit. It also comes with a carrying case that protects the unit from environmental damages and weather conditions.

Rated for a working load of up to 750 pounds, the Avalon comes with features along the bottom that let you adjust the unit into 23 different positions. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty on its construction and a three-year warranty on the foam cushioning.

That cushioning is several inches thick and features a softer padding that help your clients sink down and relax.

3. Spa Luxe Brand Stationary

Spa Luxe Brand Stationary

Also designed for use in a dedicated studio, salon or spa is this Spa Luxe Brand Stationary with Headrest and Arm Shelf.

It features a padded rest on one end that you clients can set their face inside that adjusts to fit each user, and underneath that rest is a separate area they can use for resting their arms.

The wood frame features knobs for adjusting the height of the unit up to a maximum of 33-inches height.

Measuring 73-inches long, this unit has rounded corners and a separate storage area in the center for keeping all your tools and supplies on hand.

Spa Luxe Brand used a type of soft foam on the top and gives you 3.5-inches of foam. Covering that foam is a polyurethane cover in a neutral beige shade that looks and feels like leather.

4. Master 30′ Laguna

Master 30 Laguna

Help you clients feel as comfortable as possible each time they come to you for help with the Master 30′ ‘Laguna Stationary.

Though it is a permanent or stationary design, it weighs less than other stationary models and comes with knobs that help you lift and lower to reach the right height for each individual client.

It measures 88-inches long and 33-inches wide, but it also has a height range of between 25-inches and 35-inches.

Made from northern birch wood, the manufacturer sealed the wood to ensure that it lasts longer, and it has a storage shelf in the center for all your necessary supplies.

This unit features a face cradle that supports your clients’ heads and faces with a dedicated armrest beneath and a thicker foam padding.

It is resistant to both oils and other liquids too.

5. StrongLite Premier Package

StrongLite Premier Package

One of the best portable massage table that money can buy is the Premier Package from StrongLite that breaks down into a more convenient size and shape for transport.

Though this is a portable, it features a heavy-duty metal frame with reinforcements that can support up to 1,000 pounds of working weight, which is more than enough for both you and your clients.

Plates on the end and a face rest on the top help your clients get more comfortable too.

StrongLite used a deluxe cushioning system that gives you three-inches of thick foam padding on top, and the included race rest uses that same soft padding.

Once folded into a compact box shape, you can use the attached handles on the sides for carrying and moving.

6. MT Harvey Treatment Stationary

MT Harvey Treatment Stationary

Whether you’re just starting out in your career, are still in school or just need an affordable to use on the job, this MT Harvey Treatment Stationary might be the best choice for you.

This unit has a more basic design and features a frame made from beech wood that the manufacturer then seals with a heavy-duty coating to oils and other liquids from damaging the wood.

Adjustable legs that let you change its height from 24-inches to 35-inches, and it measures 72.5-inches long.

The hard foam used on this unit can help clients get in the right position without feeling any discomfort, and that foam retains its shape too.

MT Harvey also opted for a polyurethane cover that won’t produce any fumes, and this material is resistant to stains caused by oils.

7. Master Zephyr Ultra-Light

Master 30″ Calypso Ultra-Light

With this Master Zephyr, you can make your clients feel a little more relaxed as soon as you set up because it comes in a Surf Blue color that might remind them of an island paradise.

Measuring 72-inches long, this is one of the longest portable, but you can also adjust its height from 23-inches up to 33-inches. Though the Calypso weighs only 27 pounds, its heavy-duty metal frame can support up to 1000 pounds of additional weight.

The polyurethane cover on the top of the unit is CFU free and resistant to both water and oil, which lets you use all the supplies you want to without worrying about staining.

8. Sierra Comfort Adjustable 4-Section

Sierra Comfort Adjustable 4-Section

The unique design of this Sierra Comfort Adjustable 4-Section Stationary makes it perfect for offices and areas where multiple people share the same supplies because everyone can use the unit for different treatments.

Not only does the bottom portion rise up to take pressure off a client’s lower body, but can adjust in three different ways too. It measures 73-inches long and comes set to a minimum height of 27.6-inches that you can increase to 35.4-inches.

Though it comes with a padded headrest, the unit has outlets on both end for putting the headrest where you want it, and also comes with a bolster pillow that can support a client’s neck or legs.

It has thicker padding all over the top with a polyurethane cover that is resistant to most liquids.

9. EarthLite Luna Portable

EarthLite Luna Portable

EarthLite also makes this Luna Portable Package for those who work in multiple locations and need to take with them.

The aluminum frame is strong enough to support up to 600 pounds, but that frame uses a lightweight type of aluminum to keep the weight down to just 26 pounds.

You can adjust the height down to 23-inches or up to 33-inches, and it measures 30-inches wide by 73-inches long.

A locking brace system on each leg allows you to lock those legs in place to keep the unit from moving or shaking. EarthLite gives you a carrying case that lets you fold down and store it between uses.

The unit features convenient carrying handles and a cover that is both oil-resistant and water-resistant.

10. 3 Sections Professional Stationary

3 Sections Professional Stationary

Health Line Medical Professionals made this 3 Sections Professional Stationary for masseurs who want their clients to relax in complete comfortduring a massage.

This unit features a built-in headrest attachment that lets you use the headrest on either end and three separate sections that you can lift or lower to help clients relax and get them the kneading massage in a comfortable position.

It also has dedicated armrests that make this product feel more like a comfy couch.

Made from beech wood that is more durable than other woods, the product has a built-in storage rack for keeping towels, oils and other supplies nearby.

It has a working weight of 500 pounds and comes with a soft covering on top of a thick pad that is waterproof and oil-resistant.

11. StrongLite Versalite Pro Portable

StrongLite Versalite Pro Portable

Heavy-duty carrying handles on the sides of the Versalite Pro Portable Package from StrongLite have reinforced stitching that help you carry without those handles coming loose.

Two layers of foam on the top measure 2.25-inches thick and add to the durability of the product while keeping clients comfortable. The metal frame includes telescoping legs that you can quickly extend to reach a maximum height of 33-inches.

StrongLite used lots of reinforcements to add to the stability, but it also left the bottom side open to accommodate your legs.

The satin touch vinyl used on the product, which comes in multiple colors, is resistant to stains and feels silky smooth to the touch. At 27 pounds, this product is so lightweight that you won’t feel any pressure in your back as you carry it.

12. EarthLite Everest Electric Lift

EarthLite Everest Electric Lift

If money is no object and you want a unit that you can set up in one office and use daily, your top choice is the EarthLite Everest Electric Lift.

As the unit designed for professionals, it comes with an impressive lift system that automatically lifts and lowers with a press of a button, and you can even use the pedal to change the height with your foot while working on a client.

EarthLite guarantees that this unit can support the weight of clients up to 400 pounds.

In addition to a heavier steel frame that won’t collapse or bend, it uses rounded corners to help clients rest without feeling anything poke them.

It also features a thicker layer of foam cushioning on top that molds to the shape of a client and a nylon cover that cleans easily.


If you want the top massage table on the market then Montclair is a must consider. It has all the features you will need and is durable enough to last.

Best Overall Pick

Master 31″ Montclair Stationary-Spa salon​

Master Massage 31 Montclair