Here at Emerging Coffee, java is much more than a morning jolt.

Coffee is an experience.

We understand that coffee lovers are looking for a quality experience when it comes to savoring a robust espresso, smooth cup of joe, or a decadent milk-based beverage.

We understand this because we’re coffee lovers ourselves.

But when it comes to sipping and savoring, different types of coffees suit different needs. That’s why Emerging Coffee was designed with individual needs in mind so that you can find the best products and receive the best advice to fit YOUR current situation.

Good coffee and good coffee machines can be costly — but they don’t have to be. If you’re looking for a home espresso machine (or even just a cold brew coffee maker) on a shoestring budget, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve tasted, tested and spent hours researching budget-friendly espresso machines to make sure your budget doesn’t make you sacrifice quality. Are you tired of losing time at home with your family in the morning because you need to rush to a cafe before work to get a perfect cup of coffee?

Does sitting in traffic, waiting in line, and foisting over a good chunk of change for your morning java each morning leave you stressed?

We have tons of advice on finding the best home espresso machine so that you’ll never need to wait in line AGAIN!

Customers and employees alike will love being a part of your business (and adding to your revenue) when you choose one of the quality commercial espresso machines we recommend.

But quality coffee and espresso aren’t the only attributes that make an espresso machine something YOU would consider a worthwhile purchase. Personal preferences dictate which espresso machine is right for you, and a lot of this preference comes from functionality.

Semi-automatic espresso machines are considered the most popular espresso machines.

These types of machines offer you some hands-on opportunities so that you can tap into your inner barista, while also taking care of a majority of the grunt (i.e., less fun) work.

On the other hand, if you have NO INTEREST in doing any work when it comes to getting caffeinated, allow me to introduce you to the best super-automatic espresso machine.

These machines are perfect for set-it-and-forget-it types who would like to have access to a bevy of different drink options with the simple touch of a button.

Espresso machines aren’t the only thing we coffee here at Emerging Coffee.

We understand that purchasing a good burr grinder is something that can help you stay SERIOUSLY grounded when it comes to having a good morning.

The way beans are ground can make or break the quality of your coffee, so we made sure to research and test only the best of the best when it comes to best burr coffee grinders.

We hope you enjoy perusing Emerging Coffee and all our coffee buying guides, where coffee is an experience.

And if you’ll excuse us, it’s time for our coffee break.