Best Coffee grinder Reviews - which should you choose?

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Best Overall Pick

In a rush? We will make this quick.

  • Will deliver consistent aromatics beans each and every time
  • A price tag that doesn’t exceed $75
  • Eco-friendly, no electricity needed
  • Portable
  • Can grind virtually any type of coffee you want, from espresso to French press
  • Its design was the brainchild of coffee aficionados all over the world

So there you have it. If you’re looking for a bargain, great coffee, and an, ergonomic design, this grinder is the way to go.

Continue reading further to see a full breakdown of what makes this little grinder so amazing.

There are few things that can bring a coffee lover more pleasure than a truly perfect cup of coffee. And the secret to that amazing cup of joe (or espresso) is dependent on a quality coffee grinder.

Purchasing pre-ground coffee reduces the time it takes in the morning to get properly caffeinated, but that convenience comes with a caveat. Once the coffee is ground, its freshness begins to dissipate. By grinding your own beans at home, you are able to get the most out of your beans.

Grinding unlocks the flavor profiles in coffee beans, meaning that going straight from grinding to brewing gives you the most aromatic, decadent coffee you could ask for.

But not all coffee grinders are created equal.

In this product comparison, I’ll help you find the perfect grinder for your needs and budget.

How to Pick the Coffee Grinder For Your Needs

A grinder that one person considers the king of all coffee grinders may be subpar to someone else.

There are a few considerations to keep in mind when shopping for a coffee grinder:

  • Budget: How much are you willing to spend?
  • Tastes: Are you a connoisseur of coffee or do you just like a good drip brew?
  • Use: Is this coffee grinder going to live in your home, office, business, or are you looking for something on the go?
  • Noisiness: Will a loud coffee grinder potentially disturb people in your household or at your place of business?

Keep these points in mind as you go through our product comparison guide. First, let’s break down the different types of coffee grinders n the market.


Blade grinders are unable to do the things that other (often more expensive) types of coffee grinders can do. For one, blade grinders lack consistency. Blade grinders use one blade (similar to a blender) to whirl beans around until they smash into smaller pieces.

This means that grounds won’t be uniform in size, which in turn can lead to a lower quality coffee. At their worst, a blade grinder isn’t much better than smashing beans with a hammer.

And in that case, you might as well just purchase coffee that is already pre-ground.

BUT, not all blade grinders are for naught. There are some good quality blade grinders on the market, and there are some general pros.


  • A blade grinder is much less expensive than a burr grinder.
  • Blade grinders leave a small footprint and are extremely compact, making for easy travel.

Is a blade grinder right for you? If you’re looking to get a grinder without loosening the purse strings and aren’t a coffee snob, this could be the right grinder for you. Just be sure to do your research and read reviews (like the ones we have on this website!) before choosing a blade grinder.


Burr grinders surpass blade grinders in quality because they are more adept at grinding beans into a (mostly) consistent size. Burr grinders can also be configured in a way that can adhere to your specific taste in coffee.

Blade grinders tend to lack a variety of settings, whereas burr grinders often come equipped to grind anything from espresso, to French press, Turkish and everything in between.

One caveat of burr grinders is that they are almost ALWAYS more expensive, with several costing a few hundred dollars or — at their steepest — over a thousand dollars, particularly if you want a commercial grinder.

So, is a burr grinder right for you? A majority of the time, yes. Burr grinders comprise most of the coffee grinders on the market. Although they can be more expensive, there ARE several burr grinders that are affordable and also high quality.



Manual coffee grinders require some patience on your end, as they take longer to grind beans. And sometimes grinding can feel like a workout you never signed up for (more on that in a bit).

One big selling point for manual grinders is that they do not use electricity and are extremely portable. Unfortunately, this convenience can come at a hefty price tag, and many lack the quality of burr grinders.

Still, there are manual coffee grinders that hold their own in the grinding world. In fact, our top recommendation is a manual grinder!


Sometimes, you just want that extra 10…15…20…30 minutes to sleep in before facing the world. Trust me, I know. The snooze button and I are great friends.

Getting an automatic/electric grinder makes grinding fast and easy, saving you that extra time in the morning. A majority of burr grinders you will find are electric. These come in all shapes and sizes, so you needn’t worry about electric being synonymous with bulky or expensive.

Manual grinders do have an edge over electric grinders in that they won’t make even the smallest of dents in your electric bill.


Regardless of what type of business you run, efficiency is key when it comes to grinding coffee.

There are several commercial grinders we will cover this guide — some can even double as home grinders!

When it comes to picking the right coffee grinder for your business, keep the following in mind:

What is the size of your business? Are you a large, bustling cafe or restaurant that has a high demand? If so, you’ll definitely want something that can deliver quality grinds quickly and in large doses.

What atmosphere do you want to create? If you attract a loud, bustling crowd, noisiness may not be a huge factor. Conversely, if you’re trying to create a calming environment for customers, there’s no bigger turn off than the grating sounds of heavy machinery.

What is your budget? If money is no issue, you can definitely consider purchasing a behemoth commercial coffee grinder that costs hundreds or thousands of dollars. But keep in mind that there are several commercial coffee grinders that deliver a great performance without even coming close to the $1000 price mark.

How refined of a palate do your consumers have? For some businesses, coffee is more of a perk than a centerpiece. Consider how coffee fits into your brand (it may be your ENTIRE brand, or merely an afterthought) and be sure that you deliver on what your customers will be looking for.

Best Coffee Grinders on the Market - Our Picks

Best Burr Grinder


  • With 40 settings, you can easily choose the exact fineness or coarseness of your espresso with the simple turn of a dial.
  • A 60-second timer means that you can control the ideal grind time without precise measurements.
  • The Baratza Virtuoso has also mastered the art of efficiency. Professional-grade conical 40mm conical burrs grind between 1.5 to 2.4 grams of coffee per second. WHOA!
  • A button at the front of the machine allows for one-touch grinding directly into an espresso filter basket.
  • A gorgeously sculpted metal top and base give off an air of elegance. Although this grinder is best for home use, if you own a business where any cafe traffic would be light, this has the strength of certain commercial machines without the hefty price tag.


  • Dimensions: 5.9 x 2.6 x 5.3 inches
  • Weight: 7.15 pounds
  • Grinding Speed: 450 RPM 

Under $300

The Baratza Virtuoso easily lives up to its gorgeous design and accoladed from several other coffee grinder reviews (it manages to snag the top spot quite often).

The Virtuoso takes the most popular parts of Baratza’s stellar Encore Coffee Grinder and adds some innovative new features.

Best Manual Grinder


  • A generous 15 grind settings allow you to grind perfect coffee for pretty much any type of brewing method.
  • The only type of coffee you’re unlikely to deliver is Turkish, but this is a caveat of most any type of manual grinder.
  • Something that makes this stand out from other grinders is that you can grind and grind and grind without breaking a sweat! In the morning, the last thing I’m looking for is to dive into some strength training before I’ve been properly caffeinated. Yet many manual grinders seem to have a hidden agenda to tone your triceps by making grinding quite the workout. Not so with the Handground Precision Coffee Grinder.
  • A large hopper (it can handle 100 grams of coffee at a time) is another plus. You won’t have to worry about refilling mid-grind.

This tiny, elegant machine needs no electricity to give you anything from espresso to French press coffee grinds.

And the best part is, with all this quality, you won’t need to spend more than $75 to have delicious, flavorful coffee at your fingertips!

The Precision Grinder’s design came from suggestions from coffee aficionados just like you and me, who wanted a portable grinder that didn’t break the bank, and one that could deliver consistent quality. 


  • Dimensions: 5.8 x 3.1 x 8.7 inches
  • Weight: 1.32 lbs
  • Material: Glass, plastic steel, and wood


Under $75

This is a manual coffee grinder for coffee aficionados, made by coffee aficionados. It’s compact and SUPER easy for anyone to use, while also giving you a hands-on experience.

Best Grinder for French Press


  • Steel conical burrs prevent burning and harness oils in the beans that are vital to flavor and quality.
  • The 60 grind settings allow you to have the finest of fine grinds for espresso to the coarsest grinds for the ultimate French press coffee.
  • Breville’s Precision Electric Timer lets you adjust grind times in 0.2-second increments so that you have COMPLETE control over grinding beans in a way that leads to your version of a perfect cup — whether that’s French press, Turkish or anything in between!
  • A locking system for the bean hopper (which can hold up to 16 ounces of beans) makes removal and storage easy as can be.
  • In a rush? NO WORRIES. The Smart Grinder Pro can grind directly into a grinds container, portafilter, gold-tone filter basket or paper filter.



  • Dimensions: 8.5 x 6.2 x 15.2 inches
  • Weight: 6.4 lbs
  • Voltage: 110-120 volts


Under $200

It’s no coincidence that this grinder from Breville has the word “smart” in the title. The Smart Grinder Pro comes with 60 grind settings and customizable options to ensure that you get the most aromatic french press coffee, drip coffee, or espresso.

Best Grinder For Home


  • The Rocky Espresso Coffee Grinder is about 50% less noisy than other machines in its class.
  • Looks aren’t everything, but when it comes to the things you put in your home, aesthetic appeal is a definite plus.
  • I absolutely adore the blue tinted hopper. But the blue tint isn’t JUST for the sake of style — it also offers UV protection for your beans! And stainless steel casing offers a sleek, clean look.
  • Go from espresso to French and everything in between with the simple turn of a dial. The Rocky Espresso Coffee Grinder offers 55 settings for you to customize your grind.
  • The machine keeps your safety in mind. A thermal protective mechanism automatically shuts down the machine if anything jams or becomes overheated.



  • Dimensions: 9.8 x 4.7 x 13.8 inches
  • Weight: 15.4 lbs
  • Case material: Stainless steel


Under $400

This sturdy machine has the look, size and price tag of a quality home coffee grinder, with a motor that is powerful enough for commercial machines. But even with all that muscle, you needn’t worry about disturbing those in your homes who are late sleepers OR if you’re craving a late night decaf.

Best Electric Grinder


  • An adjustment dial that lets you choose between 14 different grind settings, from French press all the way down to espresso.
  • Thanks to Bodum’s borosilicate glass container, you don’t need to worry about your perfect cup of coffee coming with a price of messy leftover grinds. I mean, really, who feels like cleaning up that guck when you’re about to head out the door? The glass container catches the grinds and is also static-free, which further helps grinds from taking flight onto your counter.
  • A pre-set timer ensures your beans stay fresh and eliminates waste. This timed feature allows you to choose the specific amount of coffee you want to grind and time needed to do so.


  • Dimensions: 7.6 x 7.1 x 12.5 inches
  • Weight: 73 lbs
  • Material: Plastic, rubber, and steel; borosilicate glass with silicone band

Under $100

At a price tag that doesn’t even exceed three digits, this electric coffee grinder unlocks the intrinsic flavors of coffee beans thanks to stainless steel conical burrs.

These burrs crush your favorite type of whole coffee beans into aromatic, uniform grinds in order to deliver a cup of coffee that will make for a perfect start to your morning.

Best Automatic Grinder


  • An 18-position grind selector allows you to have your coffee exactly the way you want it — from ultra-fine to ultra-coarse.
  • And this grinder is equipped to make coffee for when you’re solo or when you want to entertain (and impress) family and guests. Four to 18 cups of coffee (yes, you read that right) can easily be ground AT ONE TIME.
  • This grinder has the muscle to fulfill your grinding needs. But don’t let the strength fool you — at a wee 4.5 lbs, this machine is quite the cutie pie.
  • shiny stainless steel housing also adds to the aesthetic appeal and s sure to inspire plenty of “oohs” and “aahs” from guests entering your kitchen.
  • The grinder also stops automatically when it is finished, so no need to worry there.



  • Dimensions: 10.8 x 7.1 x 6 inches
  • Weight: 4.5 lbs
  • Material: Stainless steel housing


Under $50

Did that price tag make you do a double take? ME TOO!
Honestly, with the quality this machine delivers, it has no business being so cheap. But, hey, who doesn’t like a great steal? This burr grinder from Cuisinart comes equipped with a bevy of features.

Best Automatic Grinder


  • You probably wouldn’t expect a petite grinder with a super affordable price tag to also boast a long lifespan, right? WRONG. The Krups F203 can last an average of five or more years, thanks to a simple — yet effective — design and stainless steel blades.
  • And despite its small size, the Krups F203 can brew up to 12 cups of coffee at a time!
  • For your safety (and that of your fingers) a lid-activated safety switch ensures the blades WILL NOT spin unless the lid is securely placed. You have control over grinding time so that you can customize exactly how fine or coarse you want your grinds.



  • Dimensions: 3.5 x 3 x 6.8 inches
  • Weight: 1lb
  • Material: Stainless steel


Under $20

This itty bitty, teeny weeny electric spice and coffee grinder prove that good — nay — GREAT things really DO come in small packages. This is also one machine that proves you don’t need to write off every blade grinder as delivering subpar coffee.

Despite being a blade grinder, this model from Krups does a pretty bang-up job of delivering a consistent, fine grind for a good espresso. And at less than $20, can you really ask for more?

Oh yeah…it doubles as a spice and nut grinder.

Best Commercial Grinder


  • This machine is made to handle a large audience, so if your business isn’t one meant for large crowds of coffee lovers, it may not be for you.
  • The Rober can hold a staggering 4 pounds of beans! Stainless steel conical grinders ensure that beans are ground to the highest, most consistent quality, and are also removable for easy cleaning.
  • These burr grinders operate at a low RPM (rotations per minute) to ensure that the flavors are coaxed out of the beans at an optimal rate, and to avoid risk of burning.
  • You probably wouldn’t expect a petite grinder with a super affordable price tag to also boast a long lifespan, right? WRONG. The Krups F203 can last an average of five or more years, thanks to a simple — yet effective — design and stainless steel blades.
  • And despite its small size, the Krups F203 can brew up to 12 cups of coffee at a time!
  • For your safety (and that of your fingers) a lid-activated safety switch ensures the blades WILL NOT spin unless the lid is securely placed. You have control over grinding time so that you can customize exactly how fine or coarse you want your grinds.



  • Dimensions: 12.25 x 9.5 x 28.25 inches
  • Weight: 62 lbs
  • Color: Silver or black


Under $3200

Yes, you’ll be paying a pretty penny (quite an exorbitant amount of pennies, actually) for this behemoth of a coffee grinder.

BUT, if you’re looking for a machine that will carry you through even the busiest, most demanding coffee crowds (we all know how customers can be before they get their morning cup of joe), the Mazzer Rober won’t let you down.

When it comes to keeping your customers caffeinated and happy, speed is the name of the game. The Mazzer Rober can grind the perfect amount of beans for a double espresso in just a little over three seconds!

This itty bitty, teeny weeny electric spice and coffee grinder proves that good — nay — GREAT things really DO come in small packages. This is also one machine that proves you don’t need to write off every blade grinder as delivering subpar coffee.

Despite being a blade grinder, this model from Krups does a pretty bang-up job of delivering a consistent, fine grind for a good espresso. And at less than $20, can you really ask for more?

Oh yeah…it doubles as a spice and nut grinder.

Best Coffee Beans Grinders by Price

Yes, you really CAN get the ultimate coffee grinder without going over the $500 range. Take a look at our top coffee grinders by price.

Best Grinder At Affordable Price

This pretty and petite coffee grinder is making a second appearance on our list for good reason.

Along with the aforementioned features, this budget-friendly grinder has an easily 8-ounce grinder, as well as an included scoop and cleaning brush that makes maintenance a cinch.

And you’re not just saving money up front — the Cuisinart Supreme Grind Burr Grinder is built to lastthanks to stainless steel styling. You can use it for years without any need for replacements.

Now, just because there are more than enough positives to give this machine two coveted mentions in this article doesn’t mean that it is not without its caveats.

Most grinders at or below this price range are blade grinders that are so low quality, you would be better off just purchasing pre-ground beans and doing away with any dreams of having a grinder. This grinder from Cuisinart gives an impressive grind for its price range.

However, it should be for a more laid back coffee drinker. True coffee connoisseurs will be craving a more artisanal type of grind. But, then again, if you are a true aficionado, chances are you’re willing to loosen the purse strings past the $50 margin.

Best Grinder Under 100


  • This frugal little grinder boasts several high-end features, such as commercial-grade conical burrs that work to grind coffee evenly and unlock flavor profiles.
  • An exceptionally low grinding speed prevents beans from being heated and burnt.
  • The slow grinding speed also prevents noisy grinding, so you can be assured that you won’t wake up anyone in your household.
  • Maintenance is also a breeze with the Capresso Infinity. All upper pieces are easily removable for dumping and cleaning. Cleaning tools are also included with your purchase, to make your life even more convenient.
  • If all that wasn’t enough to convince you, I should probably mention that the Capresso Infinity can deliver a bevy of grinds — from espresso to Turkish-style coffee.



  • Dimensions: 14.6 x 9.6 x 7.8 inches
  • Weight: 4 lbs

The Capresso Infinity gives several expensive grinders in the same class a run for their money (pun intended).

Best Grinder Under 200


  • Grinding into a portafilter? The Smart Grinder Pro comes equipped with a pause button so you can stop the process mid-grind in order to even out the grounds.
  • The Smart Grinder Pro really shows its intelligence with an intuitive LCD display. This interactive tool allows you to repeat grind selections, time and shot selections. It’s super easy to save your preferred shot amount, and the Smart Grinder Pro delivers the same exact shot based on your preferences again and again.
  • And if you’re worried about anything going awry, Breville includes a one-year limited product warranty.



  • Dimensions: 14.6 x 9.6 x 7.8 inches
  • Weight: 4 lbs

We covered a lot of ground (grounds? Grinds?) when we first talked about why the Smart Grinder Pro was the top coffee grinder for French press. But this machine boasts several other features that make for a perfect morning.


Best Grinder Under 300

Yes, the Baratza Virtuoso is making another appearance in this article due to its many, many virtues. One thing I neglected to mention before is the Baratza Virtuoso’s DC motor, which is the secret to this machine’s incessantly smooth grind.

Burrs are slowed to 450 RPM, allowing beans to stay cool even during extended grind times. Anti-static mechanisms reduce cleaning time and increase the longevity of the machine.

Plus, there are benefits that come from purchasing this machine EVEN BEFORE you take it out of the box. Baratza uses 100% recyclable materials for their packaging.

A great, aromatic grind AND an eco-friendly brand? That definitely makes for a good morning.

Best Grinder Under 500


  • A whopping 230 grind settings make it easy to grind virtually any type of coffee, while the Baratza Vario’s small footprint allows it to fit snuggly and beautifully wherever you see fit.
  • Never worry about weighing your coffee. An intuitive and easy-to-use digital play offers three programmable options for grind weight. This LCD feature will let you know exactly the weight of what you’re grinding.
  • Once the machine reaches your desired weight, it will stop automatically.
  • Whether you are using your Vario at home, in the office or at your cafe, it won’t contribute to any background noise.
  • A high-torque DC motor turns slowly to ensure you beans stay cool and flavorful.
  • A metal portaholder is adjustable and allows for hands-free grinding.
  • Easily switch from espresso to other coffee styles with the simple turn of a lever.



  • Dimensions: 7.2 x 4.5 x 14.5 inches
  • Weight: 10 lbs
  • Case material: Plastic
  • Bean hopper capacity: 8 ounces
  • Grinder style: Burr; flat ceramic

Vario is the name and versatility is its game. This grinder is a powerhouse whether you are looking for a high-end grinder for the home, your office or even a cafe!

Top Grinder Models by Brand

Guess who’s back? That’s right, it’s the small but mighty Handground Precision Coffee Grinder.

Remember how I mentioned that one of the virtues of this machine was that it was actually made by coffee fanatics like you and me? There’s an interesting story behind that.

The Precision Coffee Grinder actually came to fruition due to supporters of Handground’s Kickstarter campaign, which was launched in 2015.

In this program, the people from Handground — along with various coffee enthusiasts throughout the world — outlined the frustration many have with manual coffee grinders; many hand grinders came at hefty prices but their results were often lacking.

Manual grinders often deliver inconsistent grounds, lack a variety of settings and are a huge hassle to maintain. By fielding suggestions from coffee lovers across the globe, Handground developed their innovative product.

The Precision Coffee Grinder offers you a bevy of grind settings, consistent quality, doesn’t require electricity and can follow you WHEREVER you go. And to top it off, the Kickstarter program that led to this product also created a community of coffee enthusiasts known as Team Handground. What’s not to love?


  • This modest yet impressive grinder boasts grind settings that allow you to choose between coarse grinds for French press, medium or medium/fine grinds for drip coffee makers, and super fine grinds for espresso.
  • There is a removable, dishwasher-safe grinding chamber that makes for easy cleaning.
  • Do you have some coffee-loving guests coming over? Not a problem. This electric grinder can easily grind 4 to 12 cups of coffee at a time.
  • Can easily fit anywhere, thanks to an itty bitty footprint.



  • Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 9 inches
  • Weight: 1.8 lbs

For less than a tank of gas (maybe even less than HALF a tank of gas), is it possible to have a coffee grinder that actually produces quality coffee?

Yes, as far as Mr. Coffee is concerned.

Bodum is making its second appearance here, having also nabbed the Best Electric Grinder spot.

Here are some additional features we didn’t cover that will make you fall in love with this machine from Bodum:

  • Comes equipped with a friction clutch that prevents slipping.
  • Along with its static-free glass ground catcher, a tight silicone lid prevents spillage, meaning you can spend less time cleaning and more time sipping.
  • The lid for the hopper prevents coffee from going stale and also has a nifty measuring guide, taking the guesswork out of how much coffee you need for your preferred brew.


  • A safe operation dual system keeps you safe by automatically shutting off after each grinding cycle, or if the lid is not in proper position.
  • A removable ground coffee container provides easy access to ground coffee.
  • A burr grinding wheel ensures that you have consistent, uniform grounds each and every time.



  • Dimensions: 5 x 6.3 x 10.1 inches
  • Weight: 3.75 lbs
  • Finish: Stainless steel

Delonghi is known for their elegant, quality coffee products, and the KG89 is no exception. A durable and stylish stainless steel exterior is matched by interior mechanisms that can easily grind 4 to 12 cups of coffee at one time!

I’m going to be honest. This is my least favorite coffee grinder mentioned throughout this article (sorry).

That’s not to say that Grindmaster doesn’t make quality coffee grinder — they are simply not the coffee enthusiast’s coffee grinders. BUT, not all coffee drinkers are snobs aficionados, and sometimes all you really want is a simple way to grind some good beans.

The Grindmaster 810S is extremely user-friendly and can grind up to 1.5 lbs of beans for espresso, fine, auto drip, drip, and percolator grind types.

This machine is perfect for grocery stores, donut shops and other types of convenient stores. Giving customers the option to grind beans right there in the store is a great way to encourage purchases.

It’s also quiet, so there isn’t any worry about customers getting scared off or conversations being interrupted.

Yes, the Smart Grinder Pro makes yet ANOTHER appearance on our list. It’s just that good.

Of course, there are several other great grinders from Breville — the Smart Grinder Pro is simply the highest quality on the market today.

If you are brand new to the world of coffee grinders and/or aren’t interested in the extra bells and whistles included with the Smart Grinder Pro, consider the Breville Dose Control Pro. It’s a dressed down version of the Smart Grinder Pro, but still comes equipped with several of its successor’s features.

We covered a lot of ground (grounds? Grinds?) when we first talked about why the Smart Grinder Pro was the top coffee grinder for French press. But this machine boasts several other features that make for a perfect morning.


  • A housing made of impact-resistant plastic is durable and also decreases noise.
  • A lever easily dispenses ground coffee directly into a filter holder.
  • You can grind anything from fine espresso to drip coffee thanks to 34 grind settings.
  • Bean hopper holds a maximum of 10 ounces of beans.
  • Lasts for years.
  • Perfect results each and every time.
  • For a commercial-grade machine, this machine has an extremely small footprint, so you can easily fit it snuggly into your shop or kitchen.



  • Dimensions: 20 x 14 x 14 inches
  • Weight: 9.13 lbs
  • Housing and frame material: Plastic
  • Bean hopper material: Smoked plastic

You’ll go gaggia for this gorgeous burr grinder.

At less than $200, this commercial-grade machine can easily serve espresso bars and restaurants.


  • The CM 800 has a conical grinder made of stainless steel that boasts a long lifespan and an elegant look.
  • If you’re looking for the finest of fine espresso, the CM 800 has 40 fineness settings.
  • Despite it not being considered an entry-level machine, it is very user-friendly.
  • An anti-static insert prevents grinds from sticking. The machine is quick and quiet at the same time.
  • No muss, no fuss! The CM 800 comes equipped with a dust cover for the bean container, which cuts down on cleaning time.



  • Dimensions: 23 x 13.2 x 38.5 cm
  • Weight: 5.73 lbs
  • Color: Aluminum

When it comes to quality coffee, Graef doesn’t mess around.

The Graef CM 800 is not a machine for beginners, but its plethora of features are sure to make baristas and coffee fanatics drool.

Best Coffee Grinder for Your Money

What does this puppy have going for it that makes it so special?

  • Highly versatile, can grind any beans to just the right coarseness
  • Compact, portable and needs no electricity
  • Great value for money

By now, you understand all the considerations that go into buying a coffee grinder, and how to choose the best one for YOUR specific needs.

All the coffee grinders that have been mentioned in this product comparison have benefits that make them quality choices when purchasing a coffee grinder.

As far as we’re concerned, however, the best coffee grinder for your money HAS to be the Hand ground Precision, Coffee Grinder.