Delonghi EC680M Dedica Review: A Compact Powerhouse

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  • A history of solid craftsmanship and quality parts
  • A healthy capacity and programmability gave the price point
  • Adjustable spout to accommodate those big cups (up to 6 inches tall)
  • Removable stainless steel pannarello steam wand for easy cleaning
  • Manual steaming allows you to have milk temp exactly how you want it


  • Removing the drip tray can be a little clunky – involves simultaneous button pushing and lifting, then pulling
  • The Incanto essential features mostly black plastic housing instead of stainless steel
  • The pannarello wand will give you excellent foam, but not real latte art milk. You’ll need to go to the upper-end semi-automatics if you’re into that.

Saeco spins up a new generation of the dearly loved Incanto automatic espresso machine.

The Saeco Incanto has been brewing up home espresso to coffee lovers worldwide for years with long-lasting, high-quality results. So it’s no wonder they came out with the new Incanto. Saeco preserved all of the qualities of this machine with a new look and some minor updates.

Saeco offers versatility in the New Incanto too.

This machine comes in two versions based on milk steaming method preference. So if the Incanto is the way you want to go, you can have your milk any way you want it – manual or automatic. The choice is completely up to you.

Is it Worth Your Money?

Yes, given the versatility and quality, the Incanto is definitely worth the asking price.

The Incanto has a relatively large capacity given its position in the super-automatic machine line-up. And, the new Incanto preserves all of the high-level craftsmanship and cup quality that the machine has a long reputation for.

This Incanto can handle consistent use with little wear and tear at a competitive price point compared to similar grade machines in the super automatic line. Just make sure you give it the TLC all super-automatic machines require.

Detailed Review and Breakdown


  • Stainless steel Pannarello Wand
  • Inox stainless steel single boiler
  • 45 sec brew time for espresso, 100 sec for a long coffee
  • 15 bar pump pressure
  • 1-year service guarantee
  • Bypass Doser
  • Intenza water filter included
  • Hot water option

The Incanto has full of subtle features that at first glance may go unnoticed.

The first is a slimmer design to conserve counter space. And depending on the Incanto model, stainless steel housing gets into the mix, which ties in nicely to most modern kitchen appliances.

The Incanto has a nicely sized water tank at 54 oz, a decent size bean hopper at 9 oz, and dreg bin capacity of 15 servings. So you’ll be able to make a fair number of drinks before stopping to dump and refill.

What’s nice about this machine is its programmability, not just for drinks, but for the overall operation of your machine.  In addition to programming brew strength, length, and water temperature; the water hardness can be entered, the auto shut off time can be programmed, and the display contrast can be changed.

The Incanto basic comes with a pannarello steam wand. But if you love the machine but don’t like using a steam wand, Saeco also offers an Incanto with a milk carafe automatic steamer.

Consistent with its legacy, the new Incanto is very user-friendly.

Espresso pulling is entirely automatic from bean to cup with the touch of a button. User preferences within five coffee strength settings, three water temperature options, and pull length are easily programmed using the LCD.

The Incanto, no matter if it’s old or new, is an extremely reliable machine. The craftsmanship is solid, and the parts are good quality given the price point of the machine.  Saeco has built a “go-to” machine for anyone looking for consistent performance with minimal wear and tear.

This machine is best designed for that everyday coffee drinker who needs to use the machine repeatedly without the hassle of constantly refilling the water tank and emptying a dreg bin. At a cup a day, the Incanto can make it through the work week without a lot of fuss.

Given the Incanto’s reputation for high-quality espresso with minimal maintenance, this machine is reasonably priced at between $500 and $1000.

With this level of machine, you’ll start to see some bells and whistles, but most of the crazy customizability and fine-tuning comes with the super automatics priced at $1250 or higher.

This Incanto still has a manual element with the milk steaming, but that is either a pro or a con depending on the user. At this price point, a manual steam wand is wholly expected.

Our Verdict

We love this machine for all it has to offer.

The Saeco Incanto offers solid craftsmanship, a well-built reputation for quality, and great tasting true espresso and steamed milk at a competitive price.

With the Incanto, you will get a machine that can stand up to consistent use while offering some beginner customization in grind, espresso strength, length, and water temperature.

So, if you’re looking to step into the super automatic world with no intention of leaving anytime soon, the Incanto is the perfect starter machine for you.

Other Alternatives

The very first machine we’ll steer you towards if manual milk steaming is not your thing is the Incanto. Yes, the Incanto… because Saeco offers an Incanto model with milk carafe for automatic steaming too. You’ll pay a few hundred more, but if you’re a minimal mess person – this may be the way to go. Everything else on the machine besides a few small touches, such as stainless steel, are the same.

If you aren’t ready to spend over $500 for a super automatic, but still want to get in the espresso game, we suggest taking a look at the Gaggia Brera. Gaggia is an espresso maker with a long, stable reputation for high-quality machines. The Brera will give you similar necessary capabilities as the Incanto but at a smaller capacity.

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