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Massage guns are a new type of massage tool that use vibration to relieve muscle tension. They can help release knots and ease pain in the body. But how do they work? We will go over 8 things you should know about massage guns and guide that talks about the science behind these machines before you invest in one!

What Is A Massage Gun?

A massage gun is a handheld tool that uses strong vibration to reduce muscle tension. They typically come with an adjustable speed dial and are cordless, so you can move them around your body for deeper relaxation or pain relief. 

Massage guns have been used in professional sports training centers as well as doctor’s offices to help patients with chronic muscle tension and pain.

Massage guns are a great alternative to massages because they offer the same benefits without needing an extra person, as well as providing hands-free relief! 

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What Makes Massage Guns Different From Other Types Of Devices? 

Massage guns use vibration instead of pressure points for muscle relaxation. This allows you to have a massage without needing someone else to operate the device.

The length of time a massage gun is needed varies according to how much muscle tension there is and what type of symptoms one has with it. Normally, people use these handheld tools for a few minutes at a time to relieve muscle tension.

Massage guns can be used on different parts of the body, such as back, neck and legs. It is also an option for people who are looking for relief from chronic pain or fibromyalgia symptoms because it allows one to use them in their home without the help of a masseuse.

Types Of Massage Guns

The most popular type of massage gun is the handheld. These are typically used on large muscles [1] or connective tissues; however, they can also be used to loosen smaller areas like hands and feet. The difference between a regular massager and one that uses vibration for muscle relaxation would be in how it applies pressure. A normal massage will apply pressure in a circular motion, whereas the vibration of a handheld massage gun will provide constant pressure and release as it moves.

The other type is an electric or cordless massager that looks like a stick. These are typically used on smaller areas like neck muscles, but can also be used for larger groups of muscles at once to loosen them up . This type of massage gun also has the option to add heat for deeper muscle relaxation.

The third option is a mechanical massager, which are mostly used in hospitals and medical offices as they provide deep pressure with intense vibrations that penetrate through tissues more quickly than other types. These also have the ability to be heated up or cooled down depending on what feels best

The type of massage gun you choose will depend on what your needs are. For a quick fix, the handheld or electric is ideal for smaller areas and when you want to feel more pressure than vibration. If it’s an intense deep tissue massage that you’re looking for, then mechanical massagers would be the perfect choice.

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Reviews Of The Top Massage Guns

How Do Massage Guns Work? 

Massage guns are often used in athletic therapy and physical therapy. Massage guns look like a small hair dryer with a long nozzle on the end that is inserted deep into muscle tissue to apply compression, vibration, longitudinal strokes, or all three at once. When you squeeze it, an electric motor pumps air through the tube and out of the nozzle, which can be used to massage stiff or sore muscles.

How To Use A Massage Gun?

Massage guns are very easy to use. You put on the desired attachment and start gliding it over the painful or sore areas. When you use the massage gun, make sure that it is on a low setting. You don’t want to accidentally overstimulate muscles and irritate them more than they are already! If your goal is relaxation, then go for high-frequency vibration rather than deep tissue compression.

Massage guns can be used to treat a variety of conditions, such as:

Most people will use massage guns on a daily basis for prevention purposes and to maintain general health. Remember that no matter what you use it for, always consult a medical professional if symptoms worsen or don’t improve with the massage therapy.

The best places to apply your massage gun are:

Are Massage Guns Worth It?

A number of studies have found that using a gun helps athletes recover faster and perform at higher levels than when they don’t use one this is why world-class athletes love massage guns. And the more people play sports like golf or tennis, the more likely it is for them to eventually need help from muscle recovery. They are also much cheaper than massage sessions from a therapist.

Famous athletes who swear by massage guns

Many athletes in all sports swear by it. Halfback Marcel Reece of the Oakland Raiders says he’s been using a massage gun for two years and, “It gets to places that I couldn’t reach before.” Former New England Patriots linebacker Jamie Collins said, “I had never used one until my trainer recommended it,” but added, “It’s been good.” 

More and more famous athletes are getting on board with using massage guns. LeBron James is a fan of the idea, saying “I use it before just about every game to loosen up my muscles.” Football players like Odell Beckham Jr., David Johnson, LeSean McCoy, Todd Gurley II have all been spotted at different times sporting their own personal version.

Medical Research On Massage Guns

The National Centre for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) found an interesting correlation between those who used a massage gun and had lower pain levels than people without muscle tension. Massage guns are the perfect solution for anyone looking to take on any of these different activities while also helping maintain their overall health.

The benefits of using a massage gun go beyond feeling better after an intense workout or easing back pains that may result in unfit players being sidelined long term, as it’s been known to help those with arthritis and even Parkinson’s disease by reducing symptoms like shaking in hands or constipation due to having trouble passing stool. 


We love a good massage gun and can definitely swear by the benefits that we’ve seen during our research. We hope that this article has given you a lot of useful information that helped answer your questions. Now if you want to know more about what are the best massage guns to buy that suit your needs, check out our article here.