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Building on the baseline Gaggia Anima, a capable and roomy super-automatic espresso machine, the Gaggia Anima Deluxe stands as the next step up. But is it mostly fluff?

Like the Anima basic, the Anima Deluxe is sleek and slim, just taking up a mere 8.5” of counter space, a truly impressive neat and tidy super automatic. The Deluxe also boasts a pretty roomy water capacity and used bean puck storage for such a little machine. So, if you’re happy with what you see with the Anima, and want to get a bit more automated, it makes sense to look one step up.

Gaggia Anima


  • 5 adjustable bean grinds in an 8.8 oz capacity ceramic bean hopper
  • Adjustable water temperature & coffee strength
  • Adjustable spout to accommodate larger cups
  • Beveled edge to avoid wastewater spillage
  • Bypass Doser for pre-ground coffee (including decaf)
  • Slim profile, great for home use
  • 60 oz water reservoir & 15 puck dreg bin means more espresso between refills


  • Espresso taste might be a little watery for some
  • A complicated cleaning process
Gaggia Anima

Is It Worth Your Money?

Unfortunately, the upgrades in this machine may be too minor for the bump in price.

Don’t get us wrong, all three machines in the Anima line are impressive. The materials are high quality, the boiler is fast, the bean grinder is adjustable, and the LED screen is fully programmable. But at $150 more for the Anima over the Anima for minimal bells and whistles, this machine is not worth your money.

Detailed Review And Breakdown

What’s It Got That The Anima Doesn’t?

Not A Whole Lot…

The two main differences between the Anima and the Anima Deluxe is in the outer appearance and the milk steaming design.

The Anima is a beautiful machine, covered from head to toe in ABS Thermoplastic. It can be programmed with your preferred beverage volume, strength, pre-infusion, and temperature.

The aesthetic of the Anima also fits well with its size. This incredibly slim machine fits discreetly on the counter… a huge plus when you’re tight on counter space.

With Pannarello Steam wand for an intake hole siphons air directly into the milk, to create rich foam for specialty beverages.

With Anima’s wand, pour a pitcher of milk, insert the wand into the pitcher, and turn the steaming function on. Once you think it’s warm enough, you turn it off. With Anima Deluxe’s cappuccinatore, pour a pitcher of milk, insert a tube into the pitcher, turn the steaming function on. Once you have enough liquid in your cup, turn it off.

Ease Of Use And Reliability

The Anima Deluxe is an intuitive, approachable machine both in its design and function. The fully programmable LED screen lets you fully customize your espresso. You can…

Choose the strength of your espresso (between 6.5 and 11.5-gram dosing)

Choose the temperature of your water (Min 177.5, Med 182.9, Max 184.5)

Choose your grind level (between 5 different grind levels)

Choose how much espresso you want in your cup

Programming the Anima Deluxe to make the exact espresso you want time after time is as simple as “press and hold.”

No need to be nervous. If you find the milk steaming process a little intimidating, you can set your nerves at ease with this machine. Steaming the milk does take a little bit of set up, but you will have perfectly foamed milk every time with the Anima Deluxe.


How Does The Anima Fair On Price?

Jumping up by at least $100 from the Anima to the Anima Deluxe doesn’t seem to be reasonable for the relatively few added features you get. Although you can sleep well knowing that your money went into a machine with the Gaggia reputation, the Anima Classic’s price may be slightly hefty for what you get.

That said, some people really love the Pannarello steam wand because it automates your milk frothing without having to invest in an entirely automatic, hands-off milk frother.  If you’re one of these people, then the Anima Deluxe may be a worthy investment.

Our Opinion

Gaggia Anima

If you buy an Anima, you will be pleased. The Anima has all of the same amazing features of the Anima line.

This machine is perfect for someone not looking to spend too much money in the super-automatic espresso category, but who wants to benefit from one button espresso to cup operation.

It’s slim, compact size, but large capacity makes this machine perfect for the regular at home espresso drinker, or the espresso drinker who loves to entertain.

Other Options Worth Looking At

While the cappuccinatore is a smart device that automates the milk steaming process, it is no less user involved than the Pannarello wand of the Anima base model.

If you’re a big fan of the cappuccinatore, then go for the Deluxe. Otherwise, save a little change and go with Anima Deluxe, or go fully automatic with the Anima Prestige.