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For a serious comparison of the best hand-held massage devices on the market, the discussion often comes down to Hypervolt vs. TimTam. The reason is simple. These highly-engineered massagers achieve exceptional results for many users, ranging from the casual gym enthusiast to professional athletes performing at the top of their sport.

Hyperice is the recovery and performance recovery brand behind the Hypervolt range. Providing its technology to areas as diverse as e-sports, rehabilitation facilities, healthcare, and first responders, the brand has a wealth of loyal followers who express their delight about their results from using Hypervolt products. 

TimTam is an industry-leading personal and professional massage device innovator. In consultation with physical therapists, professional athletes, and coaches, it creates massagers suitable for light muscle relaxation to deep tissue massage for improved recovery. 

While both companies are trusted suppliers of handheld massage equipment, they differ in their approaches. At the highest levels of professional sport, there are constant improvements in recovery programs. Smart technology’s advancement continues to drive progress at a phenomenal speed, and Hyperice and TimTam provide the latest in muscle treatment devices

Choosing the most suitable massage gun for your needs depends on your specific requirements. If you suffer from daily discomfort and plan to use your device for light relaxation, you can benefit from equipment that gently eases tension

However, if you are a gym enthusiast or a competitive athlete, you’ll be familiar with the deeper muscle pains and joint discomfort that can follow intensive activity. In these scenarios, a deep massage at high-speeds can help the body’s recovery process and allow you to return to exercise more quickly.

Before you decide between the Hypervolt Plus or TimTam Power Massager Pro, there are numerous vital features to consider to ensure you get the maximum benefits.

Comparison Table

Hypervolt Plus

TimTam Power Massager Pro

Why Consider?

Combining the best massage techniques with the latest smart device Bluetooth technology, this is an advanced piece of kit

Boasting superior recovery times, ultra-quiet operation, and the most straightforward controls available, this model meets a wide range of requirements

Ideal Usage

Muscle relaxation, improved blood circulation, injury recovery

Deep tissue tension release, targeted relief, reduced inflammation, faster workout recovery

Massage Heads

5-interchangeable head attachments suitable for all-over body use

  • Standard round shore 85 rubber tip
  • Auto-heating tip
  • Vibrating tip suitable for all-over body us

Speed Modes

3-speed settings (30Hz / 40Hz / 53Hz

3-variable speeds of 1000, 2000, and 2800 SPM

Power/Intensity modes

Light, medium, and firm pressure modes

5 variable power treatment programs


Patented Quiet Glide technology

Near-silent sound profile


2.5 lbs.

2.0 lbs.

Battery life/Charging

Battery run time of up to 3 -hours from 2 -hour charge time

Battery run time of up to 1 -hour from 6 -hour charge time




Durability/ Make/ Design

Hard plastic casing with durable brushless 90W motor

Antimicrobial plastic surfaces and 175 -degree adjustable massage head

Other Accessories

Hypervolt head attachment set

Battery charger

Hyperice Hypervolt
Image Credit: jam_master_jai’s Instagram
PowerMassager™ Pro – Handheld Percussion Massager
Image Credit: mark_ikon’s Instagram

Product Differences 

Choosing between the Hypervolt Plus or TimTam Power Massager Pro can be challenging. Both devices come with numerous accessories and contain a dazzling array of features. However, several crucial factors can help you decide which device is the best fit for your needs.

Interchangeable Head Attachments

Possibly the most vital components of a massage device are the head attachments. These parts deliver the powerful vibrations that help your muscles and joints to recover. 

The Hypervolt Plus comes with 5 interchangeable head attachments, each bringing a unique benefit. We found the soft ball head is best for a gentle massage that can ease muscle tension, while the flat head is excellent for working the denser parts of the body such as the quads and glutes. 

The TimTam Power Massager Pro uses 3 massage heads, with a vibrating option for targeting the larger muscles. However, in contrast to the Hypervolt Plus, there is also a heat tip head that adds warmth to your massage. Following some light exercise [1], we enjoyed using the heated tip to ease muscle tension and reduce discomfort. 

Which massager head system you find to be more effective is down to the type of exercise you perform and the results you hope to achieve. We couldn’t split the brands in this category.

Ease Of Controls

The Hypervolt Plus connects to your smart device over Bluetooth. You can control the speed settings and even choose massage programs through your tablet or phone. While we like this feature and it’s undeniably pretty cool, we’re not convinced it’s necessary when the massage device is in your hand anyway. However, if you enjoy working with the latest tech while you cool down, it could be for you. 

TimTam uses more straightforward button controls that are easy to use. We liked toggling to higher speeds when we identified areas that could use a more vigorous massage, and we could quickly move to lower speeds when we came across sensitive muscles that needed a gentler touch.

One additional feature which the TimTam Power Massager Pro utilizes is a built-in temperature sensor [2] located behind the massager tip. If you detect a high temperature, it could be there is muscle inflammation, so you can decide how hard to work the area with your massager. This makes it one of the most user-friendly models available.

Battery Runtime

While we love the TimTam Power Massage Pro, we can’t help but be a little disappointed with the relatively short battery run time of only 1 hour. We know it’s unlikely you’ll use a massager for an entire hour, and yes, it’s easy to recharge, but we’d still prefer a bit more of an extended lifespan. While it’s not a deal-breaker, it’s inconvenient to recharge the battery after each use. 

The Hypervolt Plus battery can last up to 3 hours. Although this is unlikely if you’re massaging your muscles at full power, it still outlasts the TimTam Power Massager Pro by a considerable distance, and we have to give Hypervolt the points for this category.


While we’ve had a lot of fun testing these products (who doesn’t like a massage), it’s been more challenging to choose which device provides the best performance. After considerable debate, we decided the TimTam Power Massager Pro was the one for us

This is not to say we didn’t like the Hypervolt Plus, because we loved it. Professional athletes use it to aid their recovery and keep them at the top of their game. However, we felt the TimTam Power Massager Pro just has the edge when it comes to user-friendly features and extra benefits.

The ability to add heat to our massage was a huge benefit. Often a lighter massage is suitable for recovery purposes, and our muscles noticeably relaxed when there was additional warmth.  Although the Hypervolt plus has 5 attachable heads compared to the TimTam Power Massage Pro’s 3 heads, we didn’t feel like we were missing out on massage quality, depth, or intensity

The benefits of both massages are enormous for the casual weekend exercise enthusiast through to world-class athletes, and the most suitable model for you depends on your requirements. In truth, you won’t go wrong with either model. However, if we had to choose, we are confident you’ll love the TimTam Power Massage Pro.

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Best Overall Pick

Hypervolt Plus

Hypervolt Plus