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This little beauty of an espresso machine keeps everything tucked away. The Jura Impressa A9: beautiful sleek lines and one very robust machine. The Jura A9 is a pleasure to use in every way. Not only is it a beauty of a machine, the Jura A9 makes a variety of high-quality espresso drinks while offering a high level of programmability. And, all of this beauty and brains come in one very compact, slimline package.

Jura A9 Automatic


  • P.E.P. (Pulse Extraction Process)
  • Beautiful sleek, compact design
  • Fully customizable
  • True one-touch super automatic espresso machine


  • Small bean hopper and water reservoir
  • Top mounted screen may be difficult to see
  • Mostly plastic exterior
Jura A9

Is It Worth Your Money?


Oh most definitely. Now we’ll caveat this answer with the advisement that the Jura A9 is a small capacity machine. That means it will best suit a one or two user household. Otherwise, frustration may quickly set in at having to constantly refill the petite, rear located water tank. But as far as capability, customizability, quality, and design are concerned, the Jura A9 is a machine you should be happy to throw some cash down for.

Detailed Review And Breakdown

Jura A9
Image Credit: babyspoonis‘ Instagram

Espresso machines run the gamut of features, looks, and builds. Jura machines are no different. You can be sure to find a Jura machine that will meet most anyone’s specifications. But, what’s so special about the Jura A9 is that it has the capabilities of a large office machine in a very small, discreet package. No more do you have to buy a monster of a machine just to get the versatility you desire.


Let’s get specific. The Jura A9’s most attractive feature, in our opinion, is its programmability. With the A9 you can choose between a ristretto, espresso, long coffee, hot milk, hot water, cappuccino, or latte. And, you can choose a double dose for each drink selection. Not only can you choose between a variety of drinks, each drink option is fully customizable by grind fineness, coffee strength, brew temperature, and milk volume. And, in case you need your go-to drink a little extra strong on an early morning after a hard wake up, you can adjust the brew strength in real time. All of this programmability and customization is tucked into one very small, very attractive package. For all of you kitchen minimalists out there who can’t stand cluttered counters, this machine is perfect for you.

Every part of the A9 that can be tucked away is, sitting flush with the exterior casing. Even the bean hopper lid is surface level. Nothing on the Jura A9 protrudes unless it absolutely has to, such as the coffee dispenser and the drip tray.


Ease Of Use And Reliability

Jura turned “Ease of Use” into an art form with the A9. Selecting and customizing drinks is all done via a colorful touch screen at the top of the machine. You can actually swipe left or right to choose different drinks, labeled by pictures. If one of the drinks you choose on the touch screen menu is milk based, there will be no need to turn any dials to activate the steam. The Jura A9 is truly one touch. Just select your cappuccino, latte macchiato, or steamed milk and let the machine do the rest. If hot water is all you’re looking for, you won’t need to remove any spouts like in other Jura machines.

The Jura A9 has a dedicated hot water spout; so that’s truly one touch too. If you’re not familiar with the Jura brand, we’ll just say you can feel confident in a Jura purchase. All Jura machines are built with high-quality parts, including ceramic conical burr grinders, stainless steel lined aluminum thermoblock boilers, and self-cleaning brew groups. 


At above $1500, the Jura A9 is priced higher than some larger capacity machines. However, it also features more programmability than other comparably priced machines. If you choose to purchase this machine, it will be because you value customization over capacity.

Who Is This For?

The Jura A9 is the perfect super automatic espresso machine for the daily espresso drinker who likes to change things up.

This machine would do best in a household of one to two people. It is a smaller machine, so if you find yourself drinking espresso multiple times a day, you may want to look for a slightly larger machine.

Though, passing up this purchase may be hard to do given just how good the A9 will look on your countertop.