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If you are looking to purchase a Jura J6 Coffee Machine, be sure you are prepared to share the wealth. It is a model that was made to be seen. A clean, polished design is augmented by an updated TFT display, which is perfect for guests who are new to using these types of units.

Speaking of guests, you don’t need to worry about the J6 interrupting any party conversation ﹘﹘ it comes equipped with an Aroma+ grinder that grinds beans quietly and efficiently.

Take a look at some more information on how this sleek, silver product can make you the star of any event.

Jura J6

  • A beautiful, polished look that is sure to impress
  • Aroma G3 grinder that preserves all the delicious aroma of the coffee beans.
  • Easy-to-use TFT display to make virtually any type of espresso drink
  • Easy to clean and maintain
Jura j6 coffee machine

Other Options

The value of this item comes down to your budget and personality. It is perfect for parties, as it brews an impressive amount of drinks in a short period, even at a light 24 pounds. But no matter how many beverages you make, its built-in cleaning and descaling system makes maintenance a breeze.

However, its four-digit price tag should make coffee lovers take heed.

Although it makes several quality drinks, many users have complained that the auto-froth only wand doesn’t make their milk/froth hot enough and that there is a lack of versatility with the froth. It is definitely a product that is meant for several people, not one shrewd brewed lover.

Detailed Review And Breakdown

Jura J6
Image Credit: nahyun_heeyoung‘s Instagram


Aroma G3 Grinder

The AromaG3 grinder grinds beans twice as fast as a comparable unit to extract more flavor from the bean. This mechanism also leads to a much quieter grind, so you won’t have to worry about waking up the family in the morning or any noisy interruptions when guests are over.

It’s Got the Look

The aesthetic is sleek, beautiful and robust ﹘﹘ even at a mere 24 pounds. Its lovely TFT full-color display completes the look. Using a rotary dial on the top, you and guests can select from a variety of vibrant drink options, complete with pictures of everything from espresso to macchiato. There’s no need for tamping, steaming or frothing ﹘﹘ the product does it all for you!

H2-Oh yeah!

Its water reservoir is easily removable and holds a bountiful 2.1 liters of water. CLEARYL Blue filters are also included to prevent the buildup of calcium deposits and other substances. This type of filtration (alongside automatic reminders on the TFT screen of when to change the filter and clean the unit) is integral to its longevity and also improves the quality and taste of the bean.

Its large water chamber can also make dozens of espressos before it needs to be changed, so you can brew and entertain all night (or day) long!

Energy is Conserved, Not Wasted

When it comes to espresso, an increase in power is an obvious benefit ﹘﹘ except when it comes to your bills. The Zero-Energy Switch leaves the energizing to the beans by disconnecting from the primary energy supply once it enters standby mode.


Ease Of Use And Reliability

Not only is this model extremely easy to use ﹘﹘ it’s fun! The one-touch system and gorgeous color display make choosing a drink easy for you and your guests.

The product’s built-in cleaning and descaling mechanisms also reduce labor time and help maintain the longevity of your unit.


When it comes to its pricing, it falls somewhere in the middle. It definitely breaks the $2,000 mark, but it is also well below some of the more advanced models, like the Giga W3.

If you are looking for a product that could be used for entertaining guests or an office of beverage lovers, it is a stunning, reliable choice. However, if you want a model for a small office or your home, there are other models that match the price of this product and also include some additional features. One example is the Z6, which we will get to in just a couple paragraphs.

Our Opinion

Jura J6

It is a gorgeous, high-end unit that doesn’t disappoint when it comes to making quality espresso, coffee or milk-based coffee drink. Its sleek design and user-friendly TFT screen are perfect for entertaining guests and take all the labor out of making a great drink. Further eliminating muss and fuss is its automated cleaning systems, so you don’t have to stress over maintenance.

One downside of this unit is the milk frothing device. Although the auto-frothing mechanism makes for convenient brew time, it doesn’t customize foam and temperature like some of the more recent models.

Other Options Worth Looking At

The Gaggia 1003380 Accademia is another aesthetically pleasing unit if you’re looking for a looker. And there’s strength in beauty, as one Amazon user described the stainless steel model as “bomb proof.” The Gaggia Accademia also rivals the product in entertaining, as it can dispense cup after cup of quality beverages. Oh, and it’s more than $1,000 less.

The Z6 is around the same price as the product but comes equipped with a bevy of new cutting-edge features. These features include high-end brewing technologies (a pulsating system leads to optimal extraction time and gorgeous crema each and every time you choose an espresso from the user-friendly display) and upgraded water filtration system that automatically cleans your unit and alerts you when a filter needs to be replaced. The milk frothing system also allows you to customize your milk, froth, and temperature for any drink, from a cappuccino to a flat white.

If you’re not looking to break the $1,000 mark but want to impress your friends, consider the Impressa A9 P.E.P One-Touch. You can try out the brand’s latest brewing technology in over 12 different drink specialties, including lattes and macchiatos.