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Get down to business with the Jura WE8 Professional, whether it be in your office break room or busy home kitchen.

The Jura WE8 professional is completely capable in every way: capable of serving out a plethora of drinks in a small amount of time, capable of making your drink any way you like it while saving your preferences, and capable of doing it all quietly and efficiently.

Jura WE8 Automatic


  • High capacity for small crowds
  • 8 programmable drinks
  • Highly customizable
  • Easy to use
  • Quiet


  • Big – won’t fit easily on a crowded counter
  • All plastic casing
  • Filling water tank can get heavy
Jura WE8

Other Options

coffee beans in a cup

This machine is very competitively priced given its high capacity and customizability. So yes, the WE8 is completely worth your money. At just a few hundred dollars more than lower capacity, less capable super automatic espresso machines; Jura provides a lot of added features for a modest price increase.

We’re actually amazed Jura isn’t asking more for this machine given it will go through 25 brew cycles without needing any attention. Not to mention, there’s eight programmable drink settings on the WE8, which means a lot of people can afford to be fussy about their drink preferences.

Detailed Review And Breakdown

Jura WE8
Image Credit: kaldigouda‘s Instagram

Any small office break room or high traffic home kitchen would be served well by the Jura WE8 Professional. After all, this big guy can produce up to 25 espresso drinks before needing any attention. And, it keeps itself ridiculously clean, which means it can stand up to a variety of drinkers, from messy to tidy.


The number one feature of the WE8 Professional is its generous capacity. The water reservoir holds a generous 101 ounces. Even as impressive is the bean hopper, which holds 17.6 ounces of beans. That’s over a pound of coffee!

The dreg bin is built to keep up with adequate room; it will hold up to 25 used doses of espresso before needing an emptying. And the drip tray is wide and deep so that it can keep up with all the rinsing after each brew.

The programmability on the WE8 Professional is impressive. Up to eight drinks can be programmed based on coffee strength (one to 8-bean scale), milk volume, coffee volume, and drink temperature. And, of course you can also adjust the grind fineness on the bean hopper.

All of the programming is done via an easy to read tuft color display with corresponding buttons. While other Jura models have dial features, it’s all buttons on the WE8 Professional. The screen is big and bright, and the buttons are intuitive.

Like all Jura machines, the WE8 features a bypass doser in the back of the machine that will accept up to two scoops of pre-ground coffee. This is also the place you’ll deposit the brew group cleaning tablets periodically.

As with all Juras the brew group is not removable in the WE8 Professional. Don’t worry though; Juras are some of the cleanest, tidiest machines on the market. With the help of those cleaning tablets the Jura cleans the brew head without any further effort necessary on your part.


Ease Of Use And Reliability

The Jura WE8 Professional is one of the more intuitive Jura machines on the market. This could have something to do with the full color push button display. Having all of the information present in picture format helps take some of the guesswork out of the coffee making process.

And, like most Jura machines, the WE8 is incredibly reliable. This is thanks to its quality craftsmanship, but also its self cleaning capability. The WE8 will alert you when attention is needed, such as milk mechanism cleaning and brew group cleaning. The WE8 will keep performing well for years because it takes such good care of itself.


The Jura WE8 is remarkably well priced. For all the capacity and capability of this machine, not to mention the Jura reputation, we think the WE8 is a steal. At just a few hundred dollars more than much lower capacity, lower capability machines, the WE8 is fairly priced roughly around the $2500 mark.

Who Is This For?

The Jura WE8 is well suited for anyone with room for it, really.

But it’s ideal for those who need to serve a small army, such as an office break room, busy kitchen, or hole in the wall bistro.

Though, anyone who appreciates full customizability and likes the idea of a large capacity machine will be pleased by this machine.

Our Opinion

Jura WE8 Automatic

The Jura WE8 Professional is one of the best value Jura machines going around. For this machine’s asking price, you’re getting a very large capacity super automatic espresso machine built with all the signature Jura high quality parts.

The 101 ounce water reservoir, bean hopper capable of holding over a pound of coffee, and generous dreg bin means this machine can pump out drink after drink without stopping for a break.

The ability to program up to eight different drinks means that many people can count on serving up their favorite drink time after time without reinventing the wheel. And with all this espresso making, the Jura WE8 Professional keeps up by keeping this machine clean with its automatic rinse cycles and cleaning notifications.