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It won’t take long for this big boy to get noticed at the next staff meeting.

Thanks to its huge capacity and speedy drink production, the Jura XS90 is built to take your next coffeebreak to a whole new level.

The Jura XS90 fits nicely on any break room counter while accommodating a bustling office. This powerhouse of an espresso machine will work as hard as you do, brewing up espresso and foaming milk for hours without stopping for any break of its own.

Jura Impressa XS90


  • Generous capacity to accommodate a small office or cozy food establishment
  • Automatic cleaning and notification when attention is needed
  • The choice of automatic or manual milk steaming with the Connector System©
  • Additional bean hopper included for larger capacity bean storage
  • Claris plus water filter system


  • Water tank removal can be clumsy
  • Attachment of additional bean hopper may make fitting the machine under low hanging cabinetry impossible
  • Plastic construction may be vulnerable to wear and tear
Jura Impressa XS90

Is It Worth Your Money?

Jura XS90

If you’re looking for an espresso machine that can keep up with demands of office coffee drinkers [1], then the Jura XS90 is where it’s at.

With direct water hook up, double boiler, and a generous holding capacity, the Jura XS90 is absolutely worth your money. Jura is a brand built on quality and dependability, so any Jura purchase will be sure to please.

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Detailed Review And Breakdown

The Jura XS90 is designed and built with the small establishment in mind, whether it’s an office break room or a cozy sandwich shop. The XS90 comes equipped with all of the signature Jura features such as a conical burr grinder and complete drink customizability.

In addition to their hallmark features that come standard, Jura has gone super-sized on capacityThe bean hopper, water capacity, and dreg bin now accommodates any small crowd.


The number one spotlight worthy feature on the XS90 is its water plumbing capability. The XS90 can be directly hooked into the kitchen water line for an endless supply of water.

That means no more awkward filled tank carries back from the sink while water sloshes about. But, if there is no water hook-up in your office to be had, don’t worry. The Jura tank holds an amazing 192.74 ounces of water! So at least water sloshing will be a seldom occurrence.

The next item on the list of the XS90’s knockout features is the double boilerYes, to keep up with all that water, Jura has built this espresso machine with two thermoblock boilers instead of the typical one.

What does that mean for you and each one of your coffee loving coworkers? None of you will ever have to waste precious break time waiting for water to warm up.

Drum roll please… here comes feature number three. The dreg bin. Yes, the dreg bin. Typically overshadowed by more important features like programmability, the dreg bin on this particular espresso machine deserves its own fifteen minutes of fame.

The dreg bin on the XS90 is seriously the size of a cubicle waste bin, one that’s strictly devoted for expended espresso grounds. That means the changing of the seasons outside your office window may literally pass by before your turn comes to empty the dreg bin.


Ease Of Use And Reliability

Finding an espresso machine that’s easier to use than this one may be a challenge. As the options on this machine are limited, you won’t have to deal with confusion trying to figure out how to program a complicated drink.

As long as the bean hopper and water tank are full, all you need to do is push either the ristretto, espresso, or regular coffee button, and off it goes.You can program how long the machine should extract espresso based on each coffee setting. And, you can choose either a 7 or 10 gram shot with the press of a button. That’s it. There’s nothing else to it.

Who Is This For?

The Jura XS90 is the perfect machine for any office looking to put a quality, high capacity fully automatic espresso machine in the break room.

It’s also great for small need food establishments such as bed and breakfasts or teacup bistros.

Our Opinion

Jura XS90

The customizability and operation of the Jura XS90 are incredibly similar to home use models. It basically functions like a home use machine with a double boiler and a larger than life capacity.

So if you’re not shopping for a small crowd, look at other options in the Jura line. You’ll find Jura machines that feature almost identical customizability as the Jura XS90 for a much smaller price tag.

If you do need more capacity, then the Jura XS90 is a high quality, dependable option. Jura didn’t just make the water tank and dreg bin larger. By building this machine with a double boiler, Jura has shown it is committed to keeping up with high traffic coffee drinking environments.

Other Options Worth Looking At

If you’re looking for a high capacity machine, but not XS90 high; and you want to stay with a Jura, check out the Jura E6. Its 63.6-ounce water tank will take you through brew after brew before needing a refill. And, the Jura E6 features very similar programmability as the XS90.

If you are in the market for an office machine, but you’re looking for something with a slightly smaller price tag, check out the Saeco Royal One Touch. Saeco is another reputable espresso machine manufacturer like Jura that will hold up to repeated, high volume use day after day.

Their Royal One Touch can handle office break room traffic with its double boiler system. And, while its capacity is slightly smaller than the Jura XS90, it’s still plenty capable.