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When considering coffee machines that use a capsule to produce your drink instead of a traditional filter or grinder, you are definitely bound to be skeptical. This is not the standard way of getting your caffeine fix. But it is certainly a visionary and convenient way. The new technology has certainly revolutionized home coffee machines and made it way more convenient. However, many of these machines do have some limitations that others don’t, but overall it is undeniably an extremely convenient and fast way way to brew delicious coffee at the press of a button.

The Saeco Xelsis belongs to these revolutionary new category of coffee machine that use compatible capsules with different roasts [1] to quickly brew cappuccino, espresso, latte, and macchiato. You will not need to do anything except pop in the capsule and press the button. There is no grinding of beans, or putting in filters. It is really that simple.

To a coffee traditionalist who loves the ritual of grinding beans and going through the usual steps to get their cup of coffee, a device like this can seem a little too modern. But, still the convenience and the wide variety of delicious brews that the Saeco Xelsis  offers are enough to delight everyone.

Saeco Xelsis


  • Large capacity water reservoir, bean hopper, and dreg bin
  • 12 bean grind settings
  • Easy programmability
  • TFT display
  • A high quality and durable ceramic grinder to keep beans fresh


  • Milk foam level cannot be controlled
  • Milk frothing head must be removed to access hot water spout
  • Plastic siding
Saeco Xelsis coffee machine

Pleasing Both Coffee & Espresso Lovers

Moving up in the Saeco super-automatic line, we find a beautiful and capable machine.

The Saeco Xelsis offers everything an everyday espresso drinker would want with a fully automatic no hassle machine. It provides just the right amount of versatility without overdoing it in the bells and whistles category.

Capably and quickly brewing espresso and steaming coffee at the touch of a couple of buttons, the Intelia Deluxe can produce cup after cup with minimal mess or upkeep. Every element of this machine is designed with the busy coffee drinker in mind.

Is It Worth Your Money?

Saeco Xelsis

If you’re a regular home espresso consumer, this machine is ABSOLUTELY worth the money. There are very similar machines on the market at the same price point that have less capacity. So this is a good deal while you can get it.

Moving up in price in the super automatic line usually means moving up in quality and options, and this machine is no different.

Competitively priced, and manufactured by a company known for quality and craftsmanship, The Intelia Deluxe will not disappoint.

Image Credit: nasza_sielanka

Review & Breakdown

Saeco Intelia Deluxe HD877193


  • 23.43 x 14.49 x 20.47 inches, 25.8lbs weight
  • Programmable dose, shot time, temperature
  • Touch screen control
  • Double Thermoblock boiler
  • Pre-Infusion
  • Bypass Doser
  • Descaling option
  • Water hardness programmability


This machine busts the $1,000 mark, and rightfully so. The added capacity and capability to produce a decent number of drinks before needing tending, combined with quality parts and attractive design justifies the asking price.

Yes, you can go cheaper and get a quality espresso drink, but if you are a heavy espresso drinker who wants a machine to keep up, then the payoff is worth the cost.


The Xelsis is equipped to handle repeated use before needing much attention. Its water reservoir is generously sized, at 50.72 oz holding capacity. Its ceramic bean grinder will hold 10.5 oz of beans. Its dreg bin can handle plenty of used pucks. And its drip tray is wide and capable.

The programmability in this machine is one step up from lower-priced Saecos in the super automatic line. Unlike less expensive Saeco machines, this one gives you the option of ten grind levels. Choosing a variety of drinks, with or without milk, is accessible with the touch of a button or two. And the Intelia offers unique options such as just steamed milk or a short cappuccino.

Especially nice with the Xelsis is the ease of milk steaming. The last thing any espresso drink in a hurry wants to do is fill the milk carafe, steam it, then clean up after. With the Xelsis , milk steaming is as easy as removing the carafe from the fridge, attaching it to the machine, pushing a button, and then starting the quick clean process immediately after. With quick clean, the machine clears the carafe steaming mechanism of remaining milk.

Espresso drinks are very hot with the Xelsis , hotter than what many other machines produce. Although the single thermoblock boiler may cause water temperature consistency problems, this machine shows no signs of that.

Ease Of Use And Reliability

Because both the milk steaming and espresso pulling are automatic, a small learning curve may accompany first, second, or third time uses. But once you get to know the machine, the Xelsis is pretty simple to use.

This machine does everything it can to make operation simple whether it be its large capacity bean, dreg, and water storage or its status and warning lights to tell you what you need to do next to tend to the machine.

Brewing espresso and milk can all be done in one cup thanks to the adjustable spout. And you can program your favorite drink in one setting so that you can enjoy what you want when you want it at the push of a button.

Our Opinion

Saeco Xelsis

The Xelsis gets one rave review from us. We like that this machine looks so lovely and provides a lot of utility too. This is the first machine to consider for any frequent espresso user who needs a giant capacity machine.

Other machines are available with even higher capacity and programmability, but these aren’t necessary unless there are multiple regular espresso drinkers in the house, the machine will be used in a home where entertaining is a common occurrence, or if an office is looking for a good large capacity, heavy use breakroom machine.

We feel the whole machine could be encased in stainless steel for this price, however. And we don’t like the method for getting hot water. Removing the steaming mechanism, and attaching a completely different spout for hot water is not user-friendly at all. If there’s an avid tea drinker in the house, or you like to drink tea and coffee both, this requirement is a real bummer.

Despite those two reservations though, the Xelsis is still a highly capable machine at a superb price.

Other Alternatives

If you do find yourself in that multi-user, high-frequency household that demands a lot from a super automatic, and you can afford to spend the money, we suggest taking a look at the Gaggia Accademia.

It has a slightly larger tank, and a double boiler, so there is no wait time between espresso and milk.

If you feel the Intelia Deluxe is a little more machine than you need, consider the Saeco Incanto. It is entirely automatic on the espresso end and manual for the milk. It has just a bit less programmability and slightly smaller capacity than the Intelia Deluxe. So the Incanto is excellent for a single drinker household looking to save some pocket cash.

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