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shiatsu massage for relaxing

The art of Shiatsu is a touch therapy that aims to relieve stress and tension in the body. The word “Shiatsu” actually means “finger pressure” and it has been practiced for centuries in Japan as a way to heal illness, prevent disease, and promote relaxation. There are many benefits that one can experience when they receive this type of massage including relief from headaches, lower back pain, neck pain, stress reduction, increased energy levels. In this blog post, we will discuss how shiatsu massages work and why they might be right for you!

shiatsu massage

What Is Shiatsu Massage?

Understanding what is shiatsu & how it helps the body is very important. Shiatsu massage is a type of bodywork that utilizes the fingers to apply gentle pressure and manipulate the muscles. Shiatsu dates back as far as the Jōmon period [1] in Japanese history, and is practiced throughout various countries throughout the world.

The word “shi” in Japanese means finger or hand; while “a tsu” means rubbing with one’s thumb on an acupuncture point (or acupressure) near its related organs and meridians (energy pathways). The technique was brought into Western culture by practitioners who learned it from teachers living in Japan.

A typical shiatsu session might include light tapping over specific areas of tension often along energy lines called “meridians” which are said to carry life-sustaining energy (qi).

What Is Shiatsu Massage Good For?

A shiatsu massage is good for a variety of things including: stress, muscle tension and soreness. A session can help to unblock qi or life-energy that has become stuck in certain areas. Shiatsu employs a systematic approach to healthcare which focuses on energy lines called “meridians” [2] that carry life sustaining energy (qi). This technique was brought into Western culture by practitioners who learned it from teachers living in Japan.

The most common type of shiatsu massage uses light pressure with the palms, fingers and thumbs over specific parts of your body such as the back, neck or head depending on what you need at that moment. The purpose is not only relaxation but also pain relief since less stress means better blood flow. This is also why shiatsu can be helpful for conditions such as high blood pressure, asthma or diabetes because it reduces stress on the body and stimulates circulation to help your organs function at their best.

What Are The Different Types Of Shiatsu Massages?

There are five different types of shiatsu massages. They vary in their intensity level, and the type of pressure they apply to your body. The first one is a general massage for all over relaxation that doesn’t use too much pressure on your body. It’s great if you have an injury or need to relax more but don’t want anything too intense or heavy duty. 

The second, which is also good for any ailment but will be best with specific ones like stomach pain or backache, is a heavier-handed treatment that applies stronger pressures than the first one; it can sometimes help relieve pains better than the lighter treatments because it provides immediate relief from sore spots without making them worse by rubbing at them excessively hard as some other options might.

The third type is a deep tissue massage, which can be used for any purpose but will most likely work best on muscle pain and tension in your muscles or joints. The goal with this one is to make the body feel better by releasing more of those tight knots that are so often found in our muscles when we don’t give them enough attention like they need; it’s also great for people who have had injuries because it helps reduce scarring from injury-related inflammation over time too.

The fourth type of shiatsu massage is the lymph drainage massage, which is a type of shiatsu that helps clear the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system usually does not get much attention as it’s tucked away in our bodies and doesn’t always cause us to feel pain or discomfort.

The fifth type of Shiatsu massage is called Kneading Massage Therapy, which uses deep pressure on tight muscles with compressive movements along those areas to help relax them when they’re feeling tense or sore. This one also works well for people who have problems like chronic back pain because it will take some time off your recovery process since you’ll be able to cope without so many aches and pains plaguing you day after day.

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What Is A Shiatsu Massager?

A Shiatsu Massager is a device that delivers deep kneading and rubbing pressure to the muscles. This technique can also help release tension from tight, sore muscles which has research suggesting it’s an effective way of reducing low back pain (Kelleher & Schunter 2005).

The benefits of this type of massager are extensive: For those who have chronic muscle tension in their neck, shoulders and upper back region should consider giving shiatsu massages a try; if you suffer from lower-back pain – due largely to sitting incorrectly at work all day – this too may be just what your doctor ordered.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Shiatsu Massagers?

There are many different kind of shiatsu massagers on the market today ranging from Shiatsu foot massagers, Shiatsu back massagers, Shiatsu neck massagers and even Shiatsu massage pillows.

Shiatsu Foot Massagers

There are different kinds of shiatsu foot massager benefits you can get that are most affective for your feet and great for anyone with sore, aching feet or to use just before and after exercise. A Shiatsu foot massage will relax your feet muscles while the pulsating air bubbles tickle your toes; it feels like you are walking on air!

The small size of this type of shiatsu massager makes it easy to store in any room you choose – even if that’s right next to the bed so when those tired, achy feet come off their daylong work shift they can get some relief from all the pressure that has built up. 

Shiatsu Back Massager

A Shiatsu back massager is a great way to relieve the pain in your muscles caused by stress, over exertion or just from computer use. is a great way to relieve the stress and tension that builds up in your neck, shoulders, upper back or lower spine. The small but powerful shiatsu motors create deep penetrating vibrations on these areas which can help lessen pain caused by muscle spasms due to working at computers for long hours. With different levels of vibration you’ll be able to customize your massage and find just the perfect level for your needs. 

The soft padding on either side feels good as it makes contact with skin and the heat function will help warm up stiff muscles if desired. A Shiatsu Back Massager provides relaxing relief all while helping prevent future muscle problems through its targeted pressure points!

using a neck massager
neck massager

Shiatsu Neck Massagers 

Shiatsu neck massagers are a great way to relax, and help with chronic pain in the neck. These types of devices come equipped with an adjustable knob so that you can customize your massage experience for maximum comfort and relief. They also typically have a heat option which will provide soothing warmth while easing tension in tight muscles. If you’re looking for something to do at home or just need some muscle relaxation after a long day on the job, these products make it easy to get started right away!

Shiatsu Massage chair 

Shiatsu Massage chairs are a great way to get a full body massage from the comfort of your own home. These chairs come with a variety of settings to provide neck, back and foot care all at once. They also have the option for heat making it an excellent way to relax after a long day.

Benefits of a Shiatsu Massage Chair

-The massage chair is designed to be comfortable and provide the user with an intimate massage experience. 

-Foot and calf massages are great for relieving foot pain, including plantar fasciitis. The heat option will help soothe tired or sore feet after work.

-You can use this product on any surface – even hardwood floors! This makes it easy if you’re looking to relieve some back tension from sitting in your workplace all day long without sacrificing comfort or support that other products offer. 

-Massaging chairs also come with heating options for people who want their muscles relaxed but still have cold hands or feet during winter months. You’ll never need socks massages.

massage chair
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What Do Medical Professionals Have To Say About Shiatsu Massagers?

Medical professionals often recommend Shiatsu Massages for acute ailments such as headaches or muscle spasms because they can help alleviate pain quickly while increasing flexibility in tight, sore muscles over time. They also work well with chronic conditions like arthritis since the gentle massaging strokes increase circulation around joints which can reduce inflammation and relieve joint stiffness. What’s more? It doesn’t matter if you’re in pain, are recovering from injury or just want to take a break and de-stress; Shiatsu Massages can fit your needs!


The Shiatsu massages are a great way to take care of your body and soul. They’re exceptionally helpful for people who suffer from chronic pain, stress, anxiety or depression. If you want more information about shiatsu massagers and which one will work best for your needs, please read our reviews on the top Shiatsu massage chairs, back, neck and foot massagers.