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As the weather turns colder, many of us will experience muscle and joint stiffness. Sometimes stretching [1] just doesn’t do the trick, and we need some extra help. 

Although a professional masseuse can bring relief to sore muscles, it’s impractical to see a masseuse after every workout. Luckily, the TimTam Power Massager Pro and the Theragun Pro can provide some of the therapies we need during the winter months to stay limber and active. 

The TimTam and Theragun brands are well-respected and experienced in massager guns. They’re both dedicated to helping pro athletes and weekend warriors find their flexibility. Their devices are well thought out creations that both use percussion to achieve deep tissue massages that relieve deep muscle tension and soreness, making the TimTam vs Theragun debate very difficult to call.

TimTam is a leading brand in recovery, health, and wellness. The brand and founders focus on professional-grade therapeutics with modern approaches. TimTam designs its products for those who indulge in active lifestyles [2] with particular attention to recovery. 

TimTam knows that muscle stiffness and soreness isn’t confined to professional athletes and is treatable with massage therapy. Their innovative products allow active people of all ages and backgrounds the ability to train, have fun, and recover confidently as long as they have their TimTam massager.

Theragun’s story is similar, with an emphasis on a mission to aid wellness holistically. The brand dedicates itself to natural solutions to injuries stemming from any number of circumstances. The founders believe that by combining innovation with education and expertise, they can deliver products that make wellness not only technologically efficient but accessible to everyone who might need it. This dedication to innovation is shown repeatedly through Theragun’s upgraded models over the years.

Comparison Table



Why Consider?

Most powerful handheld massager available with lots of accessories available to personalize individual massage needs.

Highly durable and reliable with many features available that experts adore. Trusted by professionals to deliver relief from tension.

Ideal Usage

Recover from training stiffness, soreness. Gets you training again sooner.

Reduce tension and aches, eases pain, allows you to get relief fast.

Massage Heads

Ideal for full body massage.

Glutes, hamstrings, quads, calves, lower back.

Speed Modes

3 deep tissue speeds.

5 built-in speeds.

Power/Intensity modes

5 pre-programmed modes.

Features Rotating Arm and Ergonomic Multi-Grip.


10 dB at lowest speed.

55% quieter than other models.


2lbs., cordless.

2.9lbs., 2 lithium-ion batteries.

Battery life/Charging

1 hour battery life.

300 minutes on full charge.


Heats to 99.7°F for comfort and therapeutic benefits.

Using the device stimulates heat in the muscles.

Durability/ Make/ Design

Antimicrobial plastic construction.

Closed-cell foam attachments.

Other Accessories

3 massage heads, carrying case.

6 easy to clean attachments, carrying case.




PowerMassager™ Pro – Handheld Percussion Massager
Image Credit: mark_ikon’s Instagram
Theragun Pro
Image Credit: msawkim’s Instagram

Product Differences 

The TimTam Power Massager Pro and Theragun Pro are terrific products that can help pro athletes and casual gym-goers recover from intense workouts [3] anytime, anywhere. They both have excellent reputations for aiding the recovery process and easing pain in targeted areas. However, depending on your goals and why you want a massage gum, one may be better than the other.

The features of each product are state-of-the-art for handheld percussion massagers. They both offer cordless use, which is optimal for the on-the-go athlete or active individual who needs relief fast anywhere and any time. Let’s take a closer look to see how each measure up when directly compared.

Battery Use

Battery usage here goes to the Theragun Pro since each device comes with two rechargeable and interchangeable lithium-ion batteries. When one dies after 120 minutes of continuous use, just pop in the other one at max charge and use it for another 120 minutes. Together, they can give you up to 300 minutes of usage on lower settings.


Theragun also has the edge with its 6 different attachments. While the TimTim Massager Pro offers a heated tip plus other accessories that can be frozen or microwaved for temperature therapeutics, you’ll need to purchase them separately. Theragun includes their attachments in the price of the handheld device. They’re not independently heated, but they create the necessary heat inside your muscles to get the relief you need. 

Other Features

Both devices have handy, durable carrying cases that fit easily into your gym bag or carry on. They’re both ergonomically designed for comfort during use. You can reach up to 90% of your own body, meaning you can access most stiff muscles. At your next massage therapy appointment, you can focus on deep muscle problems [4] or hard-to-reach areas, reducing the amount of time and money you’ll spend there.

The TimTam Power Massager Pro features a 175° rotational head for easy one-handed use, and the Theragun Pro boasts 4 different arm positions that create angles allowing you to reach your back, glutes, and shoulders easily. 

Depending on how technologically savvy you are, you may or may not like using your smartphone app to control the Theragun Pro. Some users may consider it a hassle to connect to the device via Bluetooth, while others may not mind. That’s entirely down to personal preference, and we were unsure of the usefulness of needing an app.


When it comes to transparency, the TimTam Power Massager Pro gets the hat tip. This device is smartly crafted from antimicrobial material, which we know is critical for health benefits. Of course, the right thing to do is clean it after each use, but sometimes (like on a bus or plane), you might not have immediate access to a cleanser. 

The antimicrobial material helps chase off germs that you miss with your cleaner. Plus, the durable plastics that the Power Massager Pro is made with can withstand drops and falls, especially when safely nestled in its protective carrying case.


Overall, we really liked the TimTam Power Massager Pro. The lower price point and the heat therapy that the Power Massager Pro features are just too good to pass up. Some of us found that getting a deeper massage for a shorter amount of time was more effective than a longer period with the Theragun Pro.

That said, there’s still plenty of great uses for the Theragun Pro. It’s just as portable, and some people may enjoy the technological wizardry of using the smartphone app to control it. It has varying speeds that are great for use over different parts of the body.

Don’t forget about that interchangeable battery. If you deal with lots of leg cramps and have a 4-hour flight coming up, the Theragun Pro might be the ticket for relaxing for 300 minutes of it. The brushless, quiet motor of the Theragun Pro is a great feature that can’t be beaten.

After a hard day at the gym or a long day at the office, the Theragun Pro is fantastic for tension relief. However, we’re just not sure it’s what everyone is looking for when it comes to deep tissue massage. For a solid percussion massage experience, we recommend the TimTam Power Massage Pro.

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